Hair Transplant in Multan

Where to go for hair transplant in Multan as many clinics claim best and affordable hair restoration procedure.  There are four or five clinics offering their services for hair loss treatment.  When hair fall problem starts, one consult to skin specialist or general physician for treatment. Medical restoration consists of shampoos, lotions, sprays and tablets. Some skin specialist offered laser therapy to control hair fall. But when all these treatments do not work then patients search on internet for hair transplant in Multan and selected few of them to visit.

What is major cause for baldness or male pattern baldness? It is DHT hormone which is main cause of baldness. Can we prevent or block DHT formation or its receptor. There are many medicines which claim to block DHT receptor but long term use may give temporary loss of sexual desire. This condition is present among families and one may get either from father or mother sides.  Female hair loss has many causes and hormonal disturbance, PCOS, after pregnancy or due to heavy menstrual bleeding can give thinning of hair. When we find proper cause of thinning ,by correcting or treating cause, female hair loss can be restored successfully.

There are currently two methods of hair transplant in Multan – FUT as well as FUE. People who do not have adequate budget they opt for strip or FUT method. However this method is more painful, invasive and give scar in the donor area. There are many complication and side effects related to strip hair restoration method like numbness, more hair loss after transplantation, discomfort and swelling. The other method called Follicular unit extraction or Fue hair transplant in Multan is offered by one or two clinics. However due to poor result or hair growth , lack of skill and expertise of doctors in Multan, people travel to Lahore for Fue procedure where Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry has proven successes of Fue procedure result. He can transplant 2000-3000 grafts by Fue technique in single session. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is trained and qualified from Paris France and has 16 years experience in this field. There are many references and treated patients from Multan enjoying their life with impressive results of Fue procedure.

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Hair transplant Surgery Multan

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  1. zaheer /

    i want hair loss madicine ?

  2. admin / Post Author

    Sir, hair transplant cost depends upon number of grafts or roots. We charge 65 rupee/graft by strip method and 125/graft by Fue method.

  3. Muhammad Ahsenb Javed /

    How r u, Hope you will be fine.
    Can you guide me that what is the Approximate Expense on Hair Transplant. I have loose some front Portion of my head due to hair Fall.

    Waiting for your Response.

    Muhammad Ahsen Javed

  4. admin / Post Author

    We don’t have any clinic or branch in Multan and mostly people travel to Lahore for best quality hair transplantation in Pakistan.

  5. Fue in Multan? /

    I am working in Saudi Arabia and my home is in Multan. I want fue hair transplant in Multan. Where is your clinic in Multan.

  6. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Hello Dr.Khalid, We are pleased to answer your problems and their solutions.
    1- Your frontal hairline appearance and look can be improved with more follicles or grafts
    2- Your previous transplanted hair direction and angle we can not change and there are two options:- either we can extract them and re-implant or we can put more hair during your second session so that previous transplanted hair merge with new hair and less impact of unnaturalness.
    3- Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry does not have any hair transplant center clinic in Multan and most of people travel to Lahore for corrective and repair hair transplantation.
    -We have also sent you all information by email.Still you have queries,we would be pleased to answer them.

  7. Khalid /

    Hello Doctor, I am Assistant Professor in Nishtar Medical College and had hair transplant surgery from Multan. My hair growth is fair after one session but i have few problems.
    1- Everyone can recognize my frontal hair line and i feel embarrassed.
    2- Frontal hairline density is not good enough.
    3- Transplanted hair angle and direction is another major issue.
    I am willing and ready to travel to your clinic for second session of hair transplantation. Do you have hair transplant clinic in Multan?
    Thank you

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