Fue Hair transplant in Manchester

Fue hair transplant in Manchester UK is a best  solution for baldness . There are lot of baldness sufferers in Manchester who seek professional help and treatment from surgeons. It is cosmetic surgery procedure where donor area follicles are extracted one by one and implanted to bald or recipient area. These transplanted follicles growth start after three months from surgical procedure. Those people who can afford expensive treatment in Manchester ,undergo for this procedure and people who do not have enough budget in this era of recession –should search for affordable and cheap hair transplant clinics in Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and London.

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry hair transplant docotor

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry MBBS,MD (Paris)

To get hair back is a dream and desire of bald persons and to accomplish this task, one has to spend money. Fue hair transplant cost in Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and London is too much costly and cheap surgery is not possible. This procedure abroad is affordable and economical. Medical tourism is becoming popular and people travel abroad for cheap surgery. FUE hair transplant in Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and London is more costly as compared to strip or FUT procedure. The average procedure cost in Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and London is 3000£ to 8000£ and in some  clinics in Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and London up to 10,000£. Hair restoration in Pakistan, India, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore and Thailand is affordable and one can get 2000 FUE (follicular Unit Extraction) grafts per day in 1000£. These countries have competent surgeons and most of them Board certified from Europe and USA. Surgeons from these countries prefers to settle in their native countries after proper training and qualification.  Their competence and professional skill is comparable to any best surgeon in the world.  The benefit of surgery abroad is more number of follicles with less money. People prefer to have fue procedure from Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry MBBS, MD (Paris), Visiting Associate Professor in Claude Bernard University Lyon 1France. He has state of the art clinic in Pakistan and offers promotional packages from time to time. People choose 2000 FUE grafts to cover frontal or crown area and cost is 1000£ only. Those who want 4000 grafts or more can opt for two days FUE  session in 2000£.

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