Hair Transplant in Malaysia cost

Hair transplant is the latest surgery that is available in all countries of the world. Leading hair transplant clinics in Malaysia are offering such kind of procedures. These treatment are obtained from the country on a reasonable price. Malaysia is located in southeast of Asia and it compromises thirteen states and three federal territories. It is sharing its borders with six different countries. It is a multicultural and multinational country. It is significantly contributing to the economy of the world. Its economy records are best in the Asia and the world. It is earning from natural resources, commerce, tourism and health tourism. There are many people who came here from all over the world to get an excellent, but low cost treatment. Hair restoration surgeries are also available in Malaysia to the residents and to those who are travelling from other countries. This treatment helps the patients in permanent hair restoration. In the surgery, follicles are harvested from one area of the scalp and implanted to another. It is one of those countries that are providing low price surgical treatments to the patients. In the country, the costs of surgeries are not covered by any medical insurance. As these surgical treatments are very expensive in the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe, patients from these countries travel here to get their surgical implantation. Average cost needed for hair restoration treatments in the United States ranges from four thousand to thirty one thousand dollars.

There are many hair restoration clinics in Malaysia located in different cities . These clinics follow all international set standards. They also provide visa, travel and hotel booking for those who are coming from foreign countries. Most of the top clinics are located in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of the country. The clinics used all updated methods that are used during surgical procedures. They also have all modern and sophisticated equipment. They also provide the free follow up to the patients who got their surgery from these clinics. The initial consultancy is provided to the patients free of any cost. Patients that are coming fro abroad can get free visual consultancy from the official websites of these clinics. On these websites, several other information are also there that can be helpful for the patients. Detailed address, phone numbers, fax and email are there in contact us section of the website. Pre and post surgical photos of the patients are also there that helps the patients in getting glimpse of their previous works. Some clinics also provide discounts to the patients in specific months.

The doctors that are working in Malaysia have many years of experience in overcoming from the surgical treatments on the patients. Most of them have got their degree from renowned universities around the world. They help the patients in overcoming form the side-effects. They give satisfactory and high quality surgery to the patients. Government strictly monitors the clinics and surgeons who are operating private clinics. The two methods that are used for  surgeries are also offered to the patients in the country. The traditional strip surgical method that is known as follicular unit transplant is available in all leading hair restoration clinics in Malaysia. In the treatment, a strip of follicles is removed from the donor area of the scalp. A linear scar remains on the scalp for the whole life of patient. Many surgeons are performing this type of surgery from last twenty years. The second  surgery is known as follicular unit extraction and it is a newer method . This treatment helps the patients to get a scar free surgery. This surgical procedure is obtained on a reasonable cost from the country, but it is cheap as compared to traditional method. Expert and experienced surgeons are also there who can perform accurate FUE treatment.The latest FUE devices are also there to provide Hair transplant in Malaysia. These are robotic device that help the surgeon in accurately performing hair surgery.

Hair transplant in Malaysia is not commonly performed procedure and a lot of patients travel to neighbouring countries for such surgery. The most common and minimal invasive procedure is follicular unit extraction. People search best clinics in Thailand and Singapore. Second most important aspect is cost of surgery procedure. Cost of hair transplant in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore is  costly so customers from all over the world travel to our clinic for cheap and affordable prices. Our staff reply all your queries and emails promptly.

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