Hair Transplant London UK

Hair transplant London UK

Hair restoration methods in the western developed countries have proven to be result yielding treatments but the cost may be unaffordable for a large number of people. However, there are many clinics and well reputed surgeons in London who practice these methods on a large number of patients.

The hair loss issue has become common and there is a large number of people who suffer from hair fall and feel uncomfortable due to it. Personal appearance plays a significant part in a person’s social and interactive traits and may make a person suffer from inferiority complex. The researches in the western developed countries have made it possible for medical practitioners to find solutions to these problems and many hair restoration methods have been designed to solve hair loss. One of the most effective methods is the hair transplantation surgery. This involves the plantation of hair after taking them from an area of good hair growth and placing them on the bald patch. On the bald patch, the newly planted hair gain nutrients from the scalp and start to grow normally, covering the empty patch. There are many methods of hair transplantation but basically they fall under two categories; the strip method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. The strip method is considered redundant as compared to the FUE method. As the name explains, the strip method involves removal of a strip of hair from an area of good hair growth and then planting it on the bald patch after dissecting it into smaller units. This leaves a scar at the site from where hair is removed also called the donor site. The scar may be covered by the surrounding hair but even then, not many people prefer this method. The FUE method is more technical and involves extraction of hair follicles from an area of good hair growth and then plantation on the bald patch. It is a time consuming method and the surgeon needs to apply skill and expertise. In London, many surgeons perform a large number of procedures everyday and the results are natural and long lasting. This is why many people from surrounding countries nd cities come to London for a promising procedure and a comfortable experience. The standard of medical services provided in London are immaculate and many people visit London for not only cosmetic surgeries but all kinds of medical treatments. It may be expensive for many people since the currency of UK is very high in terms of foreign exchange and the surgeons also charge exorbitantly. However, there are many clinics in London that have reduced their charges per graft planted. This makes people feel more comfortable and therefore the number of patients seeking treatment increases. Hair transplantation surgery is done under local anesthesia and the patient is awake throughout the procedure. This is why the clinical environment is an important factor. Small discomforts can make the whole experience uncomfortable such as good heating or loud noises or even an uncomfortable chair. The surgeon and patient must be comfortable with each other in order to clear out the steps of the procedure and to strike out any unrealistic goals or expectations. In London, the quality of the procedures are very good and therefore many people go an extra mile to save for a hair restoration surgery in order to yield the best results and to look younger and feel more confident. The surgeons of London also visit other countries for consultations as well as performing hair surgeries. This way, a larger array of patients can benefit from a doctor’s skill and experience.

Source Box: Hair Transplant in London UK yields good results and many people opt for this procedure from one of the most expensive countries due to its reputation of providing the best care and facilities. The surgeons in London visit other countries as well and provide consultation and perform surgeries on patients of other ethnicities.

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