Hair Transplant London Reviews

Hair Transplant London Reviews

In London, the latest methods and techniques for hair restoration are available and there is a large number of people who turn for medical assistance to conceal baldness.

The hair loss issue can be solved by a variety of solutions which involve the surgical as well as non surgical methods of hair restoration. The surgical hair replacement is by far more permanent and has quick results without the use of medicines and lotions on a daily basis. However, choosing the right combination of medically proven treatments does prevent further hair loss while it may not be a promising way to gain back the hair that have been lost. Many people have been able to grow back hair that had fallen out due to the right medicines and regular massaging but if a person is looking for a hassle free solution, the hair transplantation method is the only option. The male or female pattern hair loss only affects the top and front of a person’s scalp. This is because it’s only the follicles in this area that contain receptors sensitive to the hormone that causes hair loss. This is why all the genetically concluded hair loss cases have baldness on the top of the head. In a hair transplant procedure, hair is taken from the back or even from the side of the scalp since these are the areas of good hair growth. Then they are transplanted to the top or front, the hair usually continues to grow and produces hair for life. Hair transplantation techniques have evolved significantly in the past two decades. The older method of punch graft technique has become obsolete and is replaced by the mini and micro graft transplantation. The old punch graft technique often created an unnatural, ‘doll hair’ look and the modern hair transplant techniques can create a natural appearance that is undetectable. The latest technique allows single hairs or a group of 2 or 3 hairs to be re-planted in the direction of the individual’s natural growth pattern. Usually people correlate the cost of a procedure to the success of a hair transplantation surgery. Recent surveys and probes on the cost of a surgical hair restoration procedure in London showed that the surgery can cost up to £30,000, which is a fortune for many people who wish to get treatment but do not have ample money. The cost of hair transplantation can vary from £3,000 to £30,000 but the price depends on a few factors such as the skills and experience of the surgeon, the method of the procedure and the number of grafts being transplanted. The cause of hair loss must be corrected before indulging in any method of hair restoration. If this has not been done, the person might suffer hair loss after surgery even. It can also be that the hair that is regenerated through surgical means can grow back as normal but the hair around the transplanted hair starts to thin out. This is why it is essential to use re-growth treatments after the hair transplantation in case it hasn’t been done before. The surgeons and doctors recommend for this reason, that all medical checkups have been done and the root cause has been addressed. Hair restoration surgery usually takes a full day and is performed under local anesthesia and sedation, although some cases may require general anesthesia.

Source Box: Hair transplant in London reviews help a candidate assess what he or she will be experiencing if they opt for a hair restoration surgery in the city. The cost, procedural steps and results can be understood through reviews.

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