Hair Transplant in Lebanon Cost

FUE hair transplantation and restoration costs in France Netherlands, Germany Holland Spain Italy Norway Sweden Switzerland between 6000 to 12000 euro. Cost of hair restoration in Lebanon is 3000 to 6000 euro. Hair restoration cost depends upon number of factors like area of baldness, number of grafts required, hair  surgeon, doctor or physician fee, operation theater charges, nurses and other staff charges, laboratory fee and medicine used before ,during and after  procedure.

The result varies as all hair restoration surgeons do not have same level of expertise ,training and qualification.  Selection of hair  doctor is important aspect of hair restoration procedure. One should be extra careful choosing right  surgeon, doctor or physician as you deserve best for your head and look. It is better to search for before and after surgery photos, reviews and credentials of the surgeon and if possible to meet with some one who has hair surgery from the same doctor.

Hair loss and hair fall is present all over the world and a lot of patients seek help, guidance from their doctors and when medical hair restoration fail then surgical hair restoration is a last remedy. Hair  restoration or replacement  in Lebanon is performed by qualified  surgeons but we did not see adequate before and after result. The hair loss clinics and hair loss specialist in Lebanon are well known .A  lot of people travel to our clinic for best quality  surgery and we are dedicated  for FUE-follicular unit extraction method. Our staff will guide you for online free consultation and evaluation, appointment, visa help and sponsor letter & pick /drop from Airport.

Hair  surgery Packages:-

  • Get 2000 fue grafts in 1800 euro
  • Get 4000 fue grafts in 3600 euro

Our hair loss and transplantation clinic performs 2000-2500 fue grafts in one day and our surgeon has more than 14 years experience and qualified from Paris France. He is a visiting Associate Professor Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 France.

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello Ahmed, We can restore your hair through Fue hair transplant procedure. Sometimes for thinning of hair we can add PRP hair loss therapy as well. PRP is a platelet rich plasma which contain growth factors for hair regrowth. Yes you can send us your pics via email :-

  2. Ahmed /

    I’m having a hair loss problem but I’m not bold…do you do FUE for my case…I can send a picture of you want…my hair is starting to be thin!! It wasn’t like that…how can you transplant if there is hear already there..and it’s a lot of hair still!!!

  3. admin / Post Author

    Sir, we sent you detailed information about hair transplant procedures and prices.Please check your email and spam as well.

  4. Belal /


    I would like to have a hair transplant for my vertex; would you please give me your contact details and I will give you further details of my hair loss problems!

  5. admin / Post Author

    Hi, we can take your donor hair or follicles from neck area and these may leave tiny white rounded spots in some cases. However neck donor hairs are not permanent and they have tendency to fall in your future life.
    -For your scar on head,it can be excised if 1 cm or transplanted by fue technique.

  6. bob /

    hi i have a scar of 1cm in my head and i want to transplant also transplant hair in my beard on the cheeks area but i dont want to take hair from my backhead does it works by taking hair from the neck area to transplant the cheek area if yes does it make ugly marks.

  7. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Dear Ismail, our clinic is situated in Lahore Pakistan and most of people from Lebanon travel to our clinic for hair transplant and restoration. The most popular hair transplant package for students is 2500 follicles in 1000 euro. These 2500 follicles hair transplantation will cover either from front or top baldness.

  8. Ismail Ghemraoui /

    Dear Lahore,

    I will be in Lebanon from the 6th to 27th of July. I was interested to get more information on hair transplant for ME and my BROTHER. I am 28 years old and my brother is 20. We both have obvious baldness spots appearing and would like to know how much it would cost us approximately to have the bald spot covered. We don\’t need to do a complete transplant just a little bit. We are still at school and budget is our biggest constraint.

    Please send me more info and hope to do business with you.

  9. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Hello! You have already taken first step of your fue hair transplant procedure by writing us. Our patient coordinator will write you email shorty and you can ask as many queries as possible in email. Our hair transplant cost especially follicular unit extraction is based number of grafts and we have special packages for international customers like 2000 fue grafts in 1800 euro and 4000 fue grafts – 3600 euro.We have included hotel stay near the clinic Free of cost, pick and drop from airport and visa assistance all included in this package.You have taken right step and you will get email in few hourshow to proceed for hair transplantation in Pakistan.

  10. Aziz /

    Sir, i am from Lebanon and want to have fue hair transplant procedure. My age is 32 years and i have consulted here in Lebanon with three hair transplant doctors,the cost of fue hair transplant in Lebanon is too much expensive for me and i want to travel to your clinic for fue hair restoration procedure.What is next step to contact with you and get answers of my questions?

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