Hair Transplant Lahore Prices

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When you are worried of your growing hair fall or baldness, one thing which increase intensity of your worry is the price of a good hair transplant surgery. Every one cannot afford this surgery. A good surgery would cost you a little more than the bad hair transplant. A bad hair transplant is detectable by any lay person and it can bring embarrassment for you. However, a good hair transplant is not detectable and there is no scar found on your donor area. It free of side effects because a good and experienced doctor knows how to control them. Hair transplant is one of the least discomforting procedures. The price of hair transplant is not too high due to the competition in the city. There are many clinics offering hair transplant in Lahore and other cities of Pakistan. People have lots of option to choose from. There also clinics which are not up to the mark and they are even cheaper.  Before going under hair transplant surgery, make sure that the clinic or doctor you choose is professional and specialized in hair transplant surgery even if you have to little more. It is a lifelong and permanent procedure and only a good surgeon can give you an excellent result.

 Our clinic in Lahore you can avail some really good packages for hair transplant surgery. The strip method would cost you from 75000RS to 150000RS. There is another and more refined technique is also used in Lahore for hair transplantation and that is FUE. Follicular unit extraction would cost you a little more due to its preciseness. In this method hair follicles are taken out one by one instead of taken a whole strip of follicles at a time. The price is 125 Rs per graft for FUE. Our hair transplant clinic in Lahore has a foreign qualified and trained doctor; DR Ahmad Chaudhry is very competent and experienced surgeon. He can provide you all the information you require for hair transplantation and its price, online for your convenience. The consultation is also free at our hair transplant clinic in Lahore.

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