Hair Transplant in Korea North Cost

Hair Transplant Korea cost depends upon number of factors  and technique of hair restoration. However most of South Korean Doctors and surgeons charge according to number of grafts or follicles. Hair loss problem is present all over Korea among male and female patients and patients seek information how to get rid of hair loss problem and its possible solution. There are some medical solutions and it is called medical hair restoration where doctors suggest Minoxidil lotion and Finestride tablet. However in some cases where medical hair restoration does not work then surgical hair replacement is a last option.

Average hair transplant cost in Korea

There are many hair transplant clinics in South Korea providing quality treatments for hair loss and baldness cure. Average hair transplant cost in Korea starts from  3,462,200 KRW  to 8,462,200 KRW. Fue follicular unit extraction procedure in Korea is even more costly.

How to find cheap hair loss treatment

Every hair loss patient can not pay too much high price for its treatment in Korea and what are other options to treat baldness permanently. There are some countries which have  poor economic conditions but their health related infrastructure is comparable to Korean standard. Pakistan has skilled, competent and experienced hair transplant surgeons and most of them Board Certified from USA,Canada and Western European countries. They are offering permanent hair loss treatments at affordable prices. For example one session of 2000 follicles will cost you 1,500,000 KRW to 2,000,000 KRW by FUT method

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