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Hair transplant in Karachi cost is charged in Pakistani rupee besides all major currencies.  It is charged according to small.medium,mega session. It is a widely known solution for hair loss or baldness. Everyone is not a candidate of hair restoration surgery. There are some cases of hair loss which can be treated with medicine. These medicine could be topical, oral or in the form of some shampoo. When you are going through the problem of hair loss, it is very important that you consult any hair expert or doctor who can help you prevent and cure hair loss. A good doctor will guide you if you are a candidate for hair restoration. It is the last remedy for hair loss. In Karachi there are few trust worthy clinics which offer you the best of the best hair transplantation.

Next important concern is the cost of hair transplant in Karachi or Lahore. You must have heard the term medical tourism. As you know the world is globalizing rapidly, medical tourism is also growing with the passage of time. There was a time when people could not afford any treatment due its high cost, they face utter disappointment and it makes them distressed and dejected. Now with increasing medical tourism, people travel from different parts of the world for the required treatment at cheap prices. Same is the case with hair surgery. The price of hair loss surgery is much higher in the UK, USA or in the rest of the Europe. The procedure costs usually 5000$ to 15000$. So if you are looking for a cheap hair restoration, Karachi is the destination for you. In Karachi the cost is much less. The surgery which costs you around 5000$ in USA, the surgery with the same standard will cost you about 2000$ or may be less in Karachi, depending on your bald area. You can come to Karachi from abroad, get your surgery done and after your surgery you can spend few days in sightseeing, still it would cost you less than the cost you had to spend for hair transplant in USA or UK.

The cost of surgery varies from person to person. The cost of hair restoration is not set for everyone. The doctor can give you an estimate of the cost after examining your bald area. There are set standards of calculating the hair follicles that are to be transplanted. In Karachi you would surely find the hair implantation on a very affordable prices and it would be a lucrative choice for you.As there is always killings, unstable political circumstances and kidnapping in Karachi ,people avoid to visit Karachi and prefer to get FUE or FUT hair transplantation in Lahore where  hair surgeon Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry has full competency, 14 years experience of transplants and visiting Associate Professor in Claude Bernard University Lyon1 France has his clinic.

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