Hair Transplant in Italy cost

A lot of people want to get their lost hair back but hair transplant in Italy cost is a major concern for every hair loss patient. There are lot of people who search on internet to find cheap hair transplantation in Florence Milan Naples and Verona. Hair restoration procedure is not cheap in Italy and people travel abroad for low cost hair restoration. Now a days mostly people find fue hair transplants in Italy but cost of this new procedure is very high. There are some good hair loss treatment clinic in the world where one can get cheap hair transplantation. To find cheap hair replacement surgically our clinic is famous for low cost but quality hair transplantation.

FUE 2000 grafts = 1800 euro

Fue 4000 grafts = 3600 euro

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    Follicular Unit Extraction is safe hair restoration procedure and performed in Pakistan by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry.

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