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Hair transplant Islamabad Information-Ever since hair loss issue has been on a rise, newer techniques of hair restoration are being introduced. These methods are not only less meticulous but also produce excellent results. Pakistan is equipped with the best surgeons and latest techniques .

Hair plays an important in the outlook of a person. Since ancient times, hair has been an important part of a person’s outlook and people often flaunt their mane by making different hair styles and keeping different lengths. Men and women alike, need hair to complete their outlook and hence their personality. Unfortunately hair transplant without surgery in Islamabad due to an increase in stress and impure diet leading to malnutrition, hair loss has been increasing during recent years. Science has introduced many methods of hair restoration out of which surgical hair replacement is the most effective and result yielding. These days, surgical hair loss treatment is offered by surgeons in every country while a few years back it was only available in the western developed countries. It is a costly procedure and everywhere in the world, the hair surgery is much more expensive than other ordinary medical treatments. Pakistan is a popular destination for hair transplantation since the cost of the surgery here is much less than in any other country. This is due to cheap medical facilities and low currency rates, that the hair surgery seems less costly in Pakistan. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan, where many people come for a quality hair loss treatment. The country has some of the best surgeons who are internationally acclaimed for treating patients and giving them the desired results. The procedure is done in two ways, the strip method and the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Both methods are done under the effect of local anesthesia while the patient is totally alert. The FUE method may be considered hair transplantation without surgery since there is no cut on the body. The surgeons extract hair one by one from the donor site, where there is good hair growth. This hair is then planted carefully at the bald patch. Hair gains nutrition from the rich capillary network of the scalp and starts to grow normally. In Islamabad, the FUE method is available through experienced and popular surgeons. Islamabad is close to the medical capital of Pakistan, Lahore, from where several qualified surgeons visit Islamabad on a regular basis so that patients in the capital can also benefit from their services. Pakistan offers cheap yet satisfying surgeries due to which there is a heavy influx of people from around the world. Hair transplant is a serious procedure therefore the choice of a surgeon is an important step of the treatment. It is advised that a person must do some prior research in order to compare and study various surgeons available. In Islamabad, the latest technique of FUE method, which is the Neograft is also available. The Neograft is a mechanical device that removes hair with the help of a vacuum and then plants them on the bald patch. This device costs less since the surgeon’s fee for conducting such a meticulous treatment is subtracted. The Neograft is also quicker since it is a machine. This is why some patients readily accept the use of this device. However, a majority of people still feel more comfortable if a surgeon carries out the treatment. This behavior is typical of man who relies more on humans rather than machines.

Hair transplant without surgery in Islamabad is a popular procedure and a large number of people enter Pakistan for this advanced method of hair restoration.

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