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In today’s world where everyone is stressed due to different reasons, baldness is emerging as a major problem. Both men and women are the victims of hair loss or baldness. Hair loss could be less or severe depending on various reasons or your lifestyle. Where world is going through economic recession, the price of cosmetic procedures are increasing day by day and it is very difficult for the common person to afford and plan any cosmetic procedure for himself.

Hair loss affects every individual differently. Some feel low esteemed, less confident and some think in an extreme way and unfit in their social circle. They avoid meeting their friends due to their hair loss problem and they cannot afford hair transplant surgery due to everyday getting higher cost. Before planning a surgery it is very important to discuss all the possible treatments your doctor has to offer you for hair loss. If surgery is the only possible treatment for you, then you must talk to your doctor regarding the cost of it. The doctor will guide you how much hair grafts you need for your bald area. The cost of the surgery will be depending on the bald area which has to be harvested. Hair follicles are extracted from the donor area and implanted on the bald area. It is a very delicate process and that’s why it costs high.

Our French specialized and trained surgeon in Islamabad can give you an affordable hair transplant surgery. You can online discuss all the facets of hair transplantation and also you can get your bald area calculated by our surgeon and experts in Islamabad. The cost of the hair transplantation is less in Islamabad due to the low value of Pakistani currency. By choosing our clinic in Islamabad for hair transplant surgery, you can achieve the satisfaction of expected, desired and permanent results. Yet you can afford to have this surgery by remaining in your budget. Discuss today with our surgeon online, which hair transplant method is suitable for you and how much it would cost you.

Questions about hair transplant cost in Islamabad? Get guaranteed answers in 12 hours by writing us.

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hi, sorry to hear your terrible story of pain and agony. Normally in strip there is minimal discomfort. However our clinic is specialized in fue hair transplantation and we will transplant 2500 fue grafts in 4-5 hours.

  2. Hair Transplant in Islamabad /

    Sir, I had strip hair transplant from Islamabad 2years back. I have to face terrible experience like headache, scar on donor area, few nights after hair transplantation very painful and numbness many months.
    -I don’t want to undergo for FUT procedure and want to fill my top area. I need 2500 fue grafts. I have read about your clinic and want to choose your hair transplant institute for follicle unit extraction procedure.

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