Hair Transplantation Ireland- Dublin

Ireland has wonderful hair transplant clinics where experienced and expert doctors perform hair restoration procedures. Some hair loss treatment clinics have very good reputation but most of them are in the process of learning. There is hardly any clinic which offers mega session in Fue procedure. Follicular unit extraction procedure is expensive and charged heavily in Ireland as other countries. How to get cheap Fue procedure in Ireland?  When we compare other countries then Follicular unit extraction procedure will cost you 4000 to 8000 Sterling Pounds. The best solution to get cheap hair restoration procedure, take online appointment from our clinic and get your 2000 to 4000 follicles transplantation at affordable cost. Quality and result at our clinic is comparable to any hair transplant clinic in Dublin –Ireland.

 Before and after photos.

  • 2000 fue follicles package in 1800 euro
  • 4000 fue follicles package in 3600 euro


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