Hair Transplants in Iran Cost

Hair transplant surgery in Iran is expensive as compared to our hair restoration center. Most of people from Iran travel to our hair restoration clinic for plantation and regrowth of hairs. Our staff arrange online booking and appointment, Free hotel stay for 2-3 nights near clinic, Visa invitation letter and Free pick/drop from Airport. You can get evaluation, number of grafts by sending us close up view.

How much does Fue hair transplant cost in Iran for one session?

Hair transplant cost in Iran depends upon number of grafts and hair restoration technique (FUT Vs FUE). However to give you an estimate fue hair transplant cost in Iran is 1500 -2000$

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello Faruk, Yes we can do hair transplant procedure without shaving. However it is possible through FUT method where we have to made incision in the donor area and stitches. Later on your own hair raised at the time of donor incision , cover this fine line. We also perform Long hair transplant in the recipient area so that we can see density and direction of new hairs.

  2. Faruk /

    Hello, is it possible to do hair transplant without shaving?

  3. admin / Post Author

    Hello khalil , Normally 4000-4500 grafts will be enough to cover front and crown area.

  4. admin / Post Author

    Hello khalil , Normally 2500 grafts for frontal part of head and 2000-2500 grafts in the crown area. To know approximate number of grafts, you may send us bald area close up photos.

  5. admin / Post Author

    Hello Omar A, It is not possible to extract 7000 grafts from donor area in one session. For 7000 grafts we need two or three hair transplant procedure and there should be 6 to 9 months interval between sessions. If we will extract 7000 grafts in one session , your donor area will look empty or thin and it would be cosmetically unacceptable.

  6. Omar A /

    Sir.cost of hair transplant 7000 grafts will cost in US dollar I need to now the price please


  7. admin / Post Author

    Hello Gm , You click this link and calculate number of grafts required for you.

    This will give you clear idea number of grafts zone wise in your scalp. Then add hair density 45 and calculate it and you will get total number of grafts. We have special package and prices
    Fue 1000 grafts or less = No Discount on 1000 grafts 1000$ or 100,000 Pak rupee
    FUE 2000 grafts= 2000$ and after 30% Discount 1400 $US or 140,000 Pak Rupee

    4000 FUE grafts = 4000$ and after 30% OFF 2800$US or 280,000 Pak Rupee

    Strip (FUT) Surgery 2500 Follicles = 800 $US or 80,000 Pak Rupee after 30% Discount.

  8. Gm /

    How I know how many hair need for my head beause I not live in Iran befor I start transplant I would like to about price . Can I send my head picture for estimate pls answer me with and Quentity of hair thanks

  9. admin / Post Author

    Hello Abdullah , Yes we can take 6500 grafts in three days from scalp, beard, chest and body to cover your head.

  10. admin / Post Author

    Hello Omar A , Your procedure will be performed by FUE hair transplant method and one session of 6000 grafts will cost you 6000$ and it will take 3 to 4 days to extract hair from your beard, chest and body.

  11. Omar A /

    I need to get the price for the grafts 6000 from my bord or barks of my shoulder so I need to now the cost of transplant in dollars

  12. Abdullah /

    Hallo Dr.

    I need to now the price for more then 6500 grafts but I need to take in my bord or my shoulder back side and I need to gate or now the good price



  13. khalil /

    how many grafts would you need to cover your back and front head

  14. admin / Post Author

    Hello Tara Bartlett, There are two kind of procedures 1- Wig or artificial hair 2- Hair transplant surgery.Our clinic only deal with Natural growing hair transplant procedure. It is not possible someone else will give you donor hair, in this procedure your own donor hair from back/sides of scalp are used for hair restoration. People also search these terms:- hair transplant in Iran cost successful hair transplants surgical hair restoration

  15. Tara Bartlett /

    Do you know of any Irani volunteer donors for transplant procedure and what would be the cost for their inconvenience ? I adore Irani hair texture and wish to transplant 5000 grafts of a deep wave black hair

  16. hawal /

    hi docor iam dentist in kurdistan iraq i want to transplant my hair but i showed most pictures in all centers that the hair is too black and irregular and rigid and have more space between one follicle to another one hait to hair….

  17. admin / Post Author

    Hello Sayed, you can find contact, email details from our CONTACT US page.

  18. admin / Post Author

    Hello Balkan, what is your age? you have partial or complete hair loss? Is it thinning of hair? You want to prevent hair fall or hair transplant in Turkmenistan. We are based in Lahore Pakistan.It is only 2-3 hours flight from Turkmenistan.

  19. Balkan /

    How do you doctor I am loosing my hair what I need to do I have hair on my head but its getting more thin. Please help me where is your clinic I live in Turkmenistan. I dont know what does it mean grafts and haw much do I need. Are you based in Iran or some other country?

  20. Sayed /

    Hi I want to come to ur clinic and talk about it plz send me ur address and contect number thanks

  21. mohamad /

    Hello dr. I live in tehran and i need 500 grafts at much it cost?
    Where the clinic is?

  22. admin / Post Author

    Hair transplant cost in Iran is high as compared to other countries of the region.However to give you an idea, fue hair transplant cost in Iran starts from 6000$ and maximum 12000$.

  23. Hair Transplant in Iran /

    What is hair transplant cost in Iran? Are you based in Iran or some other country?

  24. admin / Post Author

    Hello, our charges for 5000 fue follicles transplantation are 3000 euro and free hotel stay, pick/drop from Airport.

  25. Adela /

    Where are you located. Is the clinic in Iran
    How much you charge for 5000 graft FUE
    I’m not interested in the strip procedure !

  26. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir, we have international hair transplant clientele. Our hair transplant cost for 3000 grafts is 1400 euro =20500 IRR. This cost is much lower than hair transplant prices in Iran. Our appointment specialist already sent you detail information about hair transplantation. This price is valid for strip hair transplant procedure.

  27. Ali /

    Hello Doctor, I live in Tehran and visited two hair transplant clinics in Tehran and doctors suggested me 3000 grafts. Cost hair transplant for 3000 grafts is like 6000 euro. I read your prices and your clinic hair transplant cost is reasonable. I want to make an appointment for fue hair transplantation. Please guide me.

  28. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir, cost of hair transplant for 2500 grafts will be 1000 euro. This hair transplantation cost will be valid for strip hair restoration procedure.

  29. Aamir /

    if i need 2500 graft how much it will cost me

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