Hair Transplant in Sheikhupura

Hair transplant in sheikhupura -Patients prefer to travel to Lahore for best hair restoration results as many qualified and clinics are offering hair loss treatments in Lahore.

Mr. T. A. Came to our clinic for Fue hair transplant procedure. His procedure was performed in two days by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry . on 18th -19th Feb 2016.

Total number of grafts  = 5170

Total hair                   =  10325

Hair transplant sheikhupura patient

Norwood class 6 male pattern baldness can be transplanted more than 6000 grafts but most of patients have 4000 grafts. Mr. T.A. has excellent donor area and Dr.Ahmad chaudhry extracted 5170 grafts or follicles in 2 days. Each day procedure took 6 hours. Transplanted hair growth will start 3 months after hair restoration procedure. It will take 9-11 months for excellent results.

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello Umer, we can stop your hair fall by performing PRP hair loss therapy in Lahore. It is platelet rich plasma which will be extracted from your blood and after separation of growth factors , would be injected to your scalp to prevent hair fall and regrowth as well.

  2. Umer /

    I was Working in Dubai my age is 24 Years and my hair is falling to much i use all hair oil but no result so now i am thinking for Hair Transplant so how much its cost or if without Transplant possible to stop my hair falling tell me this also i am from Sheikhupura so your any branch in Skp? give me all detail Please

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