Hair Transplant in Lahore

Hair restoration methods are being practiced extensively all over the world due to an increased number of people suffering from hair loss.It is a method where hair restoration surgeon Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry remove donor area follicles and transplant these follicles to recipient area. There are many hair transplant clinics in Lahore and you should choose best among them. What is a criteria to select a clinic for hair loss treatment in Lahore?  Ask your basic questions to consultant and demand for before and after photos of ten patients, testimonials, reviews and patients reference.

Due to the surgeons treating a large number of patients each day, their experience is vast. Apart from this, since there is a lot of medical tourism to Pakistan, there are all types of patients and therefore hair transplant surgeons have immense skills through dealing with cases of various natures and ethnicities. There are two basic hair regrowth surgical techniques ;FUT-Follicular unit transplant or commonly known as strip procedure and FUE (Follicular unit extraction) method. This second method is most popular in Lahore. Strip method is much cheaper since it involves lesser skills than FUE method. The hair transplant clinics in Pakistan carry out hair transplants using both the methods while FUE remains more popular.Now a days there are many devices developed for fue hair transplant in Lahore as well as abroad. The various devices are Neograft, Motorized fue procedure, Robotic fue hair restoration. At our hair transplant clinic in Lahore we extract donor area follicles with motorized machine with tiny punches of 0.9 mm to 1.00 mm. More and more latest devices are being developed so that less follicles transection at the time of extraction, less fatigue to surgeon, short of time for fue procedure.. Nowadays, a larger number of people opt for a hair transplantation surgery due to a gain in resources and a change of thinking as well. Previously people could not spend a large amount only for aesthetic means but nowadays an increase in competition and exposure as led to this trend become common. People belonging to the upper middle class and middle class can think of getting a hair transplant surgery done since they have exposure to such treatments and more importantly, the surgery is not as costly as it was several years back. With time the number of surgeons has also increased with the number of candidates and in competition, the charges for a procedure are very reasonable and within reach of ordinary people. This has caused a large number of people turn towards hair transplant since it provides a permanent solution for hair loss and baldness. Before getting any kind of hair restoration treatment, a person must first find the root cause of hair loss. Once it has been found out, the patient must correct it through proper medication and care. Once the problem has been uprooted, should the patient consult a doctor for hair restoration. In case the issue has not been solved, the surgery or any other type of treatment may fail an hair loss may recur.

 Hair transplant in Lahore is done at cheaper cost and a candidate can find a number of surgeons who are skillful and experienced. In Lahore, accommodation is also easily arranged and the patient can have a comfortable experience.

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