Hair Transplant (FUE) Jordan

Getting Fue hair transplant to treat baldness in Jordan is fashion among male now a day. Hair restoration is the most effective treatment of baldness and other hair loss problems. These surgeries are obtained from different hair loss clinics in Jordan. There are many surgeons and clinics in the country that provide top surgical treatments to the patients. Jordan is officially recognized as Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and it is bordering Saudi Arabia, Israel, Syria, Iraq and Dead Sea. It is an Arab country that is located in Asia. It is providing the best health care system to its citizens in the region. It is estimated that seventy percent of the total population has medical insurance.  There are many public and private sector hospitals in the country that are providing all types of health treatments to the patients. Cosmetic surgeries are provided in private clinics. Hair transplant treatments are also there for those in the country that are suffering from baldness. As we know that these hair restoration surgeries are the only permanent hair loss solution available. In these surgical procedures, hair follicles are transfer from one place on the scalp to another. This helps in providing the patients such hairs that remains on the scalp for lifetime and that are not affected by any genetic disease.  All types of hair restoration surgical treatments are there in Jordan. Many people in the country are suffering from permanent baldness and androgenic alopecia. There are many clinics in the country that are offering the hair restoration surgeries to the patients. Mainly the two types of surgeries are offered to the patients. One of them is follicular unit transplant of FUT. It is also known as traditional strip surgical treatment. During this procedure, hair follicles are harvested in form of a strip from the donor area. The wound left is stapled by the surgeon. There remains a scar on the scalp for the while life of a patient.

The other method that can be obtained from different clinics of the country is follicular unit extraction or FUE. This is newer hair surgical treatment and it is preferred by most of the people in the country. The reason is that hair follicles are extracted one by one from the scalp. This leaves less scarring, pain and discomfort during and after the surgery. This method can be obtained from many hair loss clinics that are exclusively dealing with this surgical method. Now with latest development such clinics are also there that are providing robotic devices to assist the surgeon during the FUE treatment. This makes the surgery more accurate and precise. This also helps in minimizing the scarring due to this method. Local anesthesia is injected to the patients before performing both of these surgical treatments. Hair surgical treatments are customized according to needs of both men and women. These surgeries are available on a reasonable cost. The total costs of the procedures are dependant upon the number of hair grafts a patient required to conceal the baldness in his recipient area. According to the studies, hair loss problems affect fifty percent of people in Middle East when they reached at age of fifty. The treatments are needed by both men and women. So many clinics in the country advertise their services by using print and electronic media. Social media is also helpful for the patients in finding a goof hair restoration surgery in the country.

Hair loss clinics in Jordan are using sophisticated and updated instruments during performing these surgeries.  They provide a high quality care to the patients coming to them for their treatment. Initial consultancy is provided to the patients free of any cost. Patients can also get online appointment form the surgeon by visiting the official website of a clinic. Pre and post treatments photos of previously treated patients can be found from the websites. Well experienced and qualified staff is there in the clinics to help the patients. Hair Transplantation in Jordan is obtained only from few hair loss clinics. Patients from this country visit other countries to get a high quality treatment.

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