Hair Transplant in Japan

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry has 16 years hair restoration surgery experience. People are coming all across globe for Fue hair transplant in Pakistan. Patient Mr. SA came from Tokyo Japan for Follicular unit extraction procedure. Hair transplant Tokyo Japan

 Male pattern frontal hair loss or thinning 

Hair transplant Japan

Before Fue procedure close up view

Fue hair transplant donor area

Shave of Donor area.

Donor area is divided into two zones for extraction of follicles. The procedure is scar and stitches free. It has minimal discomfort.


Frontal area covered via Fue technique

2165 grafts via Fue procedure by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry

 Fue procedure was performed on 26 October 2014. Many patients are coming from Japan to Pakistan for affordable Fue procedure. To get an appointment just fill appointment form or visit contact us page and write us. 

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  1. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Thank you for your queries. We do not have any clinic and branch over there. You have to come to our clinic for hair transplant procedure. However hair transplant cost in Japan is three times higher than our clinic. For example you can get 4000 fue grafts in 3600 euro which is not possible in Japan.

  2. Japan hair traqnsplant /

    Hi, is it possible to have hair transplant in Japan? Do you have any hair transplant clinic in Japan? We are also interested to travel your clinic and have hair transplantation at affordable budget as you have mentioned in your site.

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