Hair Restoration (FUE) Berlin-Germany

 Hair Restoration in Berlin Germany- The surgical methods are being used everywhere in the world to help people look and feel better. In Germany, the most advanced techniques and methods are available but due to high cost, many patients consider traveling to cheaper destinations. Hair loss has become an issue during the recent past and due to this, medical research has been done to introduce many methods of hair restoration in Berlin Germany. These methods may be non surgical or surgical. The non surgical methods include laser therapy, use of medication and also use of wigs and hair pieces. Hair pieces were a preferred way of concealing baldness since it provided full coverage. A hair piece is a patch of semi permeable membrane on which artificial hair is sewn and this piece is attached to the scalp using a strong adhesive. This requires the technician to first shave the few hair strands that are on the scalp and then attach the hair piece. This is an unnatural attachment and therefore the person always feels itching and irritation on the scalp. Secondly, the hair strands are synthetic, due to which the look is never as natural as the newer methods. In Germany, the use of hair pieces and wigs is almost diminished. The surgical method of replacing hair is the hair transplantation . This method is the most popular technique since the hair is natural, belonging to the recipient himself and once plantation is complete; the hair takes nutrition from the scalp and grows naturally. There are several clinics and surgeons who offer natural method of hair restoration in Germany but due to a high cost of this procedure, people look for cheaper destinations out of Europe. In Germany, all medical facilities are expensive while in countries such as Pakistan, the same procedures are much cheaper. This major difference is due to the difference in currency exchange as well as the taxes and policies. The surgeons in Pakistan charge much lesser than those in Germany and the accommodation and travel expenses are not much either. This attracts a large number of patients who desire successful surgeries at a much lower cost. These days, it is very easy for a person in Germany to learn about the surgeons practicing in other countries through the Internet. The best way is to do some research before engaging a surgeon so that the patient selects a doctor who suits him best in terms of results and the cost. Through websites of surgeons and clinics, a patient can read the testimonials of past patients and reach a conclusion about which surgeon he wants to consult. Once the choice is done, the patient can mail a picture of his bald patch to the surgeon to get a free assessment of the number of grafts needed for full coverage along with the cost. It is the only method of hair regeneration which yields long lasting results and gives full coverage on bald patches. The other methods may stop hair loss but cannot fully cover the bald patch. Hair surgery is a costly procedure, but if one calculates the amount spent on medication for hair loss treatment throughout a life time and compares it with the cost of this surgery, the cost of medicines will definitely be more. This is why the surgical method of hair regeneration is considered the best method all over the world. In countries like Pakistan, there are several well reputed surgeons who offer quality procedures through which many people have benefited in the past. This is clear through the testimonials of their past patients who always go from the clinic satisfied with their new look. Any patient in Germany can easily arrange initial consultation without having to travel to Pakistan and the travel and accommodation plans can be finalized once the surgeon is selected. Hair restoration in Germany is an expensive treatment and therefore patients travel to other destinations where cheaper procedures are available.

Hair Restoration (FUE) Berlin-Germany clinics are in all major cities.

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