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Hair Transplant in Finland | FUE in Helsinki is performed by qualified and Certified surgeons.

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello Nacer, We perform hair restoration procedure by two techniques
    1- FUE- Follicular unit Extraction
    2- FUT- Follicular unit transplant
    Or prices are based on number of grafts, area of baldness and technique of hair restoration.
    We charge 1.00$ per graft by FUE method and 0.50$ /graft by FUT method.
    – Transplanted hair growth start three months after procedure and it takes 9-11 months for full results. Hair transplant procedure takes 5-6 hours duration under local anesthesia.

  2. nacer /

    plss need mrs information about hair transplant price how long for the result how man hour take the operation i live in finland thanks

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