Hair Loss Treatment in Azad Jammu – Kashmir

Hair loss-hair transplant treatment in Azad Jammu Kashmir

Hair Transplant surgery clinics are few in Azad Jammu  Kashmir. Though there are certain hair loss specialist doctors and clinics in Jammu & Kashmir but results are not so impressive and after examining patients results show lack of expertise and surgical skill. Patients are often complaining about  poor hair growth and such kind of patients contact to our clinic for corrective and repair surgery. We offer them best quality hair transplantation procedure with natural frontal hair line. The density of transplanted hair is adequate so that there is no more see through effect. Our online appointment and booking system works well and you will get immediate reply from our experts. It is hoped one day there would be enough hair loss -hair transplant treatment clinics in Azad Jammu kashmir.

Hair Transplant clinic in Azad Jammu Kashmir

what is best hair transplant clinic in Azad Jammu Kashmir so that people can get their treatment and baldness solution. There are one or two hair restoration clinics in Azad Jammu Kashmir but due to lack of expertise and unsatisfactory work and quality, mostly travel to Lahore where they find an experienced surgeon Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry who has performed more than 16000 cases. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is a highly skilled and trained surgeon from Paris France and opened his clinic in Lahore many years ago. Majority of people from this region settled in UK and other countries , they got their consultation from abroad and travel to his clinic for affordable cost. FUE hair transplant procedure is most demanding now a day.

The best Procedure for Hair Restoration

Follicular unit extraction is a best procedure for hair restoration due to number of advantages

  1. No more linear scar in the donor area
  2. No more stitches and each follicle is extracted through tiny punches and these do not leave any visible scar.
  3. No more waiting time between sessions. A large area or baldness is covered in two or three days procedure. No more waiting period for six to nine months as in FUT technique.
  4. Quick recovery and rapid healing after follicular unit extraction.

Need help for your hair restoration and hair loss questions? Get guaranteed answers in 12 hours.

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