Hair Transplant in Iceland Cost

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Hair transplant surgery is being performed in Iceland by hair surgeons. However reviews about clinics and surgeons in Iceland are very not enough for satisfactory. Second most important aspect is cost of the procedure. The cost in quite high and people search for cheap and affordable hair restoration. We are receiving inquiries online regarding our hair surgery cost or package. We have low cost especially follicular unit extraction (FUE) when we compare hair transplant cost prices in Iceland. Our staff will give you answers and provide you complete hair restoration information, procedure detail ,visa invitation letter, pick/drop from airport and Free hotel stay.

Questions about Hair Transplant in Iceland Cost? Get guaranteed answers in 12 hours.

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello Maria, yes we can do hair transplant by FUT method withour shaving hair off. To evaluate number of grafts please send us his close up of bald and donor area by email :

  2. Maria /

    I am looking for hair transplant for my husband without shaving the hear off.
    Thanks Maria

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