Hair Transplant Gujrat Pakistan

Hair transplant in Gujrat Pakistan- people of Gujarat have full right to choose best hair care clinic for their beauty and well being. A lot of patients are visiting our clinic for hair regrowth and FUE procedure  from Gujrat Pakistan. They have hair loss and baldness treatment from Lahore clinic by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry MBBS (K.E),MD (Paris),visiting Associate Professor Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 France.Dr. Ahmad has 17 years hair restoration surgery experience and he is an expert in surgical hair replacement and FUE procedure.Dr.Ahmad has performed FUE procedure of many famous personalities of Gujrat and one of them is Mr.Majid bank manager of MCB GT road Gujrat, had hair loss treatment  from Lahore clinic and see his video testimonial.

Hair implantation is a minor cosmetic surgery procedure. It is truly hair regrowth and major transformation in the life of a person who has hair loss and baldness previously.  The procedure is pain free and there is no side effects & complications. Some time there is less density in the frontal hairline and patients are not happy and satisfied. Such patients are visiting our cosmetic laser surgery clinic for repair,corrective hair plantation. Dr. Ahmad is an experienced hair restoration surgeon and performing this procedure in Pakistan as well as abroad for the last 15 years. To see his before and after  photos click link below. Often people ask whether we have clinic for hair transplant in Gujrat Pakistan? We do not have any branch or clinic in Gujrat Pakistan.

Photo Gallery before and After 

Gujrat fue hair transplants

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry with Mr. Geof after 7 months from Procedure.

Cosmetic clinic Gujrat

Result 7 months later- Hair procedure by Dr.Ahmad

Gujarat Hair Transplant Result

Result after 7 months- Hair procedure by Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry MD (Paris).MBBS,Visiting Associate Professor in France

Gujrat hair transplantation

Another view by Dr.Ahmad

Gujarat Hair Transplant

Before procedure

You want to get appointment for hair transplant in Gujrat Pakistan? please call  our helpline number +92-333-430-99 99 

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  1. Hair transplant in Pakistan /

    Hair transplant in Pakistan hair loss Solution, remedies and therapy . Call for free consultation related to damaged hair or hair fall. 03334309999

  2. Gujrat Hair Transplant /

    I had hair transplant one year before but I am not satisfied with result as frontal hairline is not dense, less growth of hair as told to me and my scar is very bad.
    I have read about your clinic and want to correct my hair transplantation.Can i get appointment? Currently i am in Norway

  3. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Hello Mr.Zafar! Dr.Ahmad chaudhry MBBS (K.E.) MD (Paris), Visiting associate Professor Claude Bernard University, does not have any hair transplant-restoration clinic in Gujrat-Gujarat Pakistan.We are sure the doctor in Gujrat tried his best to give you natural result,however due to any reason you are not happy and satisfied our hair transplant clinic in Lahore can repair your previous hair restoration.Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry has more than 14 years hair transplant surgery expereince and performing its different techniques . We are sure you will get best hair transplant surgery result in your second session as patient’s satisfaction is goal.

  4. zafar /

    Sir, I am pleased to read information regarding hair transplant surgery. Well one of my cousin had hair transplant surgery from Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry three years back and he got thick frontal look and natural result. I searched on internet and found Dr.Chaudhry clinic in Gujrat and i had hair transplant in Gujrat 1.5 years back. I am not happy with my result as there is gap in the frontal hairline ,it can be recognized and result is not natural. I searched and found doctor who is performing hair transplantation in Gujrat is not Ahmad Chaudhry and some other physician. Can i have my corrective or repair hair transplantation?

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