Hair Transplant in Gujranwala

Hair transplant in Gujranwala Clinic

People of Gujranwala are very fond of health, beauty ,wellness and hair transplant procedures. Like other people they always in search of  physical appearance enhancement and to treat baldness. Hair loss is a social problem among male patients and to get permanent hair loss treatment in Gujranwala or Lahore in the form of hair transplantation is a priority of everyone.

As Lahore is a major city and one hour distance from Gujranwala ,convenient for most of baldness patients to get best quality hair restoration. The procedure is performed by two techniques called strip procedure and without strip (Fue ). As this second procedure is a least invasive and there are many patients who have Fue procedure from Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry and living happy life in Gujranwala. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is an expert in all hair loss treatments like FUT, FUE and No touch hair restoration. He has more than 15 years experience and lot of references in Gujranwala city where one can personally meet and see his previous patients. Quality hair transplant in Gujranwala is not possible as skilled and expert surgeons establish their clinics in big cities so instead of being a victim of cheap procedure in Gujranwala we will suggest you to visit our clinic Lahore where you will get best advice and treatment from Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry.

Hair transplantation Gujranwala photo


Hair transplant in gujranwala photo


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