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Hair transplant is now recognized as the most effective and permanent hair restoration treatment. It is available in all big and developed cities of the world. Hair transplantation in Manchester provides the excellent and high quality results. Manchester is the first industrialized city of the world situated in Greater Manchester, England. Citizens of Manchester are known as Mancunians. This city is famous for its culture, history, architecture, sports, science and engineering. It has standardized educational institutions and a comprehensive health care system. It is considered the most visited city of the United Kingdom after London and Edinburgh. Tourists from all over the world came here for visits and for treatments. Hair restoration in Manchester meets all international standards set by cosmetic surgeons. Different hair loss surgery clinics can be found in different places and streets of Manchester.People of Manchester or Mancunians also suffer from hair loss and baldness due to various reasons. It has a drastic effect on their personality and psychology. The procedure helps and assists Mancunians in restoring hairs back. Transplant clinics offer services to solve all the problems related with hair loss. Male pattern baldness is more common in Manchester as compared to the females. It is estimated that half of the bald Mancunians men are affected by androgenic alopecia. Transplant clinics are now there to help people not only through consultancy, but by providing surgical and non surgical treatments.

Manchester is one of those cities of world offering the expensive hair restoration treatment. But this cost is less as compared to other cities of England and the United Kingdom. Average rate of hair loss treatment costs from three thousand pounds to thirty thousand pounds. People from different countries of world came here to get expensive, but high quality treatment. Government helps patients in providing health visa for a specific period of time. But it is necessary to make an appointment with transplant surgeon before coming to get a hair transplant in Manchester. Ask him about the number of sessions, duration of treatment and recovery time.Cosmetic surgery hospitals and clinics are providing both methods of transplant including follicular unit transplant (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). Follicular unit is the strip surgical method of transplant that uses a thin metal strip to remove hair follicles from the scalp at once. Average rate of per FUT graft in Manchester is two pounds. Follicular unit extraction is the new method that removes hair follicles by using a small circular punch and each at a time. Average rate of FUE graft in Manchester is three pounds. FUE is more expensive in Manchester than FUE. Cosmetic surgeons having years of relevant experience in transplant are available in Manchester to help bald patients. These surgeons can easily approached by a phone call or an email. Patients can get their contact information from their web pages. In some cases, they are required to leave an email to the surgeon and his assistant contacts them. Cosmetic treatment forums can be found on the internet that help in finding an expert surgeon and authentic transplant clinic. Before and after transplant photos, of various patients are available that can help you in reaching to a decision of selecting hair transplant in Manchester.

To get Fue hair replacement in Manchester -UK is not an easy task. If your requirement is more than 4000 follicular units then ten to fifteen thousand Pounds would be good enough. Same number of grafts you can get at 3000 Pounds by experienced and visiting Associate Professor Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry MBBS,MD (Paris) abroad.

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