Hair Transplant Fue Cost Pakistan

Fue Hair transplant  cost Pakistan

Hair transplant surgery is basically done in two ways, the Strip harvest method and the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The FUE method is widely used and involves extraction of individual hair follicles from a patch on the head where hair growth is good. Normally, these regions are the back of the head and above the ears. Once the hair follicles are taken, they are planted into the bald scalp area. This requires more skill than the strip method and the results are also better. However, one important factor related to FUE hair transplant is the cost of the procedure. Surgeons need more expertise and care during the procedure and since there are little or no incision scars after surgery, patients prefer this treatment. The first factor that is considered before any procedure is the cost and everyone wants a good result in as less money as possible. Fue hair transplant cost in Pakistan is low as compared to European countries. The cost of FUE procedure is lesser in some countries than in others and this is due to the medical facilities and health care cost being high in those countries. Places like Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia and India are much cheaper than the developed countries in the west. The cost of an FUE hair transplant in Europe may cost between 7,000 Euros to 10,000 Euros, while the same costs only between 3,000 Euros to 4,000 Euros. The cost of any procedure being high, does not imply that the quality is much better, there are many other factors affecting it such as power costs, equipment and doctors’ fee. In a country like Pakistan, health care does not cost as much as it does in the west and hence the cost of FUE hair transplant is lesser in comparison. The cost of the FUE procedure also depends on the number of grafts being transplanted. If only 1,000 grafts are being transplanted then the price will be lesser than in case a total of 3,000 grafts are being transplanted.

Hair Loss Treatment through Fue in Pakistan

The FUE procedure is more widely being applied for hair loss treatment  and there are new techniques being added with time. This has made the cost of the procedure go up because all techniques and technology will cost more than an ordinary procedure. It is recommended that anyone who wants to undergo the treatment should do some basic research. The surgeons available, their experience and the expenditure involved must be researched. Apart from this, the candidate must be aware of the procedural steps and the results that should be expected. Every Fue hair transplant clinic in Pakistan usually publishes or uploads the patient’s pictures of before and after the surgery and any candidate can see the type of work that is being done.

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