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Uruguay is a South American country which has a rich culture with European influence. The state is one of the smallest countries in the continent but development and latest technology is a part of today’s Uruguay. There is a wide variety of hair transplantation surgeons there and a person looking for a result yielding procedure can easily find a skillful surgeon.

Uruguay is a South American country which is one of the smallest states in South America. However, in terms of development and technology, it is gaining pace. Uruguay has many hair restoration surgeons who are known for their result yielding procedures. A hair transplant is a surgery that involves removal of hair from an area of good growth and pasting them or planting them on a bald patch. This method was first done to conceal irregular baldness resulting from accidents but later it became a cosmetic procedure due to its success. Nowadays, there are many techniques which are used to transplant hair and the results are always natural and undetectable. The previous methods of hair transplantation were not as natural since they produced a bumpy scalp of the hair appeared like ‘doll’s hair’ and it appeared unpleasant. The latest techniques ensure better results but another important determinant of the final result is the surgeon’s skills and expertise. A good surgeon uses the adequate amount of hair and transplants them in such a manner that the result is natural. The surgeon plays an integral part in the success of a procedure. It is advisable that any person interested in getting a hair regeneration surgery must do some prior research to choose the surgeon that suits him best. A good surgeon always uses an optimum amount of hairs to transplant and the direction and pattern of the existing hair growth is observed in order to plant the new hairs in the same manner. In Uruguay, the latest methods of hair transplantation are being used and the cost of the surgery is high. This is why there in an influx of American patients in Asian countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Pakistan. An average hair surgery costs between $3,000 and $10,000 in any western developed countries. The same quality of procedure is available in Pakistan at a cost that is much lesser than that in the west. The cost of an average hair regeneration surgery is between Rs70,000 and Rs 140,000. This means that the cost in Pakistan falls below $1,000 and can go up to $2,000. This is a huge difference while the results are almost the same. The medical facilities and clinical environment may be better in the west but that is not of much significance since a hair transplantation surgery is a one-day easy surgery. it is performed by giving local anesthesia and so the patient is awake. The wounds from surgery are not major due to which there is no healing period except for a few days which is usual. The hair transplant is done by removing hair from the donor site and then planting on the bald patch. In a majority of cases, the hair is planted near the hair line and on the top of the head. This means that small incisions are made very near the forehead. This may cause a slight headache for a few days following hair transplant surgery. This pain is due to small wounds on the head and once the healing process starts this pain subsides. Apart from this, the candidate may experience some swelling in the surrounding area as well as the recipient site. This is also due to the use of sharp instruments and newly planted hair that the regular system of the body has been interfered with. These side effects are so minor that they can hardly be considered substantial. In some cases there may be redness and a stretchy feeling on the planted area but that is also normal since the scalp has been touched and incised. The most prominent side effect of hair surgery is hair loss. Yes, when a person gets hair restoration surgery, he or she experiences hair loss. The planted hair shed and then in a period of two or three months they grow back again. This hair loss is also referred to as shock loss. Shock loss is a normal side effect of any surgery since the body goes through a traumatic time during surgery. All these side effects are normal and in case anything persists, it might be taken seriously. The hair transplant forum Uruguay can help a person decide which surgeon to consult and what kind of a method to choose for hair transplantation. The methods used in Uruguay are the latest and modern and produce natural results.

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