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Hair transplant is a treatment in which hairs are regained permanently on the scalp. This treatment is commonly found in Thailand on a reasonable and low cost as compared to the developed countries. Patients from all over the world came here to get the treatment. Thailand also recognized as The Kingdom of Thailand is a country that is located in Southeast Asia. It is an industrialized country that is contributing significantly to the economy of the world. Thousands of people annually visit this country and tourism is established as one of the leading industries. Most of the tourists came here to get treatment on a low price. There are all hair restoration surgical methods available in the country. It is a surgical treatment that helps patients in getting back the hairs on the scalp. This treatment uses follicles that are taken from the dense donor area and implanted to the balding portion of the scalp. These surgeries are provided to patients on reasonable prices in this country.  The surgeries can be obtained from Thailand on low price than Australia and some developing Asian countries. The most of the people who got  surgeries in this country are foreigners. Surgical methods are much expensive in countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Western Europe. A huge amount of tourists came here every year to get a low price surgery. These surgeries are also not covered by any medical insurance in their country. Average rates of surgical treatments are much higher. So the patients who want to get the hair restoration treatments travel to this country. They can get a high quality treatment. They can save up to seventy percent of their money they needed for the treatment in their country. For such patients, no cost visual consultancy is also provided. Surgeons recommend the best method to them. They also help them in estimating the total price of their treatment by viewing the photo of their balding scalp. Patients have to manage the visa fees, hotel rent and airfare apart from these treatment prices.

High quality surgical treatments are obtainable from Thailand on fewer prices. In some months, special discounts are also offered to the patients that are coming from abroad. The over all fees is totally based on the number of  grafts that are needed for a surgical procedure. In the country, price of a single graft decreases as total number of grafts increase. In the total price of treatment, cost of Operation Theater, anesthesia, pot surgical follow up, antibiotics, medicines and different tests are also included.  Bangkok, the capital of the country has the best hair restoration surgeons and clinics that provide the high quality treatments to the patients. These clinics charge an economical fees form the patients that are coming to them for treatment. Patients can find about these clinics from the internet from where they can find the average price of treatments charge in the clinics. They should make a list of the prices that are charged in respective clinics. After that, they can find a cheap clinic in the country by comparing their rates. Experienced surgeons of the country charge more fees from the patients for providing the treatments.

There are two methods of surgical hair restoration accessible in the country. The total price of both of these methods is different from each other. The patients that go for follicular unit transplant have to pay less money for their surgery. The reason is that this is strip surgical method where all  follicles are harvested from the head at once. An average cost of single FUT graft is one dollar in the country. The other method is also available in which  follicles are harvested individually. It is known as follicular unit extraction. Average price of single FUE graft s two dollars in the country. Patients have to pay less for Hair Plantation Cost in Thailand. But they do not have any guarantee of this treatment nor can they legally charge any surgeon of the country if they got graft failure.

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