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Hair transplant forum Switzerland a place where you can discuss alopecia, male pattern baldness, thinning of hair or any hair related disorder. You can also share your experience of hair transplant in Switzerland with any clinic or surgeon.Hair transplant  is done in almost every country nowadays. The latest techniques and methods of the procedure are available in Switzerland. The most result yielding and natural method is the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. The surgery has become very popular due to a high number of people suffering from hair loss. The procedure involves removal of hair from an area of good growth and planting it on an area of poor or no growth. There are two basic methods , the strip method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. Out of both the methods, FUE requires more skill and is much more expensive than strip method due to the level of skill and expertise required. In Switzerland, the cost of medical services is very high and therefore procedures like FUE surgery are extremely expensive and out of reach of ordinary people. This is why many people prefer to travel to cheaper destinations where good results are ensured at a much lesser cost. The medical services in Pakistan are very good and people from all over the world travel to Pakistan to receive quality treatment. The surgeons available in Pakistan are comparatively very skilled and experienced due to a large number of patients entering the state from all over the world. Hair restoration is done in all the main cities of Pakistan and there are several surgeries performed at hospitals and clinics every day. The FUE method is more common since it does not leave any scar and the results are 100 percent natural, if done properly. It requires skill and an artistic hand to perform a FUE procedure. This is one of the latest techniques in use and ensures a more natural look since separate follicles are used for planting. Additionally, there are no incisions since the skilled doctors plant the follicle very closely and do not need to ‘dig’ into the scalp and can easily locate a follicle area and tuck it in. The surgeons ensure that there will not be long breaks or days between sessions. This means that the recipient can get the desired look within hours. The FUE  is a little more complicated than strip procedure and hence it is essential that the surgeon is skilled and has experience of FUE procedure. The surgeon is not only expected to extract follicles but he is also supposed to observe the natural pattern of the existing hair and then plant the new follicles in the same pattern. The transplant has to be very natural otherwise the whole purpose of the procedure fails. Apart from this, the apathy and the comfort that a surgeon provides is vital for the patient to relax and entrust his appearance to a surgeon. All these qualities are found in a majority of Pakistani surgeons and this is the asset that sets them apart. FUE transplant is offered by several surgeons in Pakistan and this procedure is performed at their clinics where world class equipments are used and the results are successful. If a candidate gets FUE procedure from Europe or the United States for 10,000 Euros; in Pakistan the same procedure will cost him only 2,000 to 4,000 Euros. This is a significant decrease and this is the main reason that people travel to Pakistan. Dealing with the local patients as well as with foreigners arriving in Pakistan with the hope of a good treatment; Surgeons in Pakistan keep gaining experience since they are working with all kinds of cases and performing several procedures throughout the day. FUE hair transplant in Switzerland costs an individual more than the other methods of surgery. In Switzerland, the cost of FUE method is much more than in the east and this is why many patients travel eastwards. Hair transplant forum Switzerland will give you opportunity to discuss your problems and experience.

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