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  1. Hair Loss Slovenia Clinic /

    Hello Doctor, I am looking hair transplant clinic in Slovenia.Do you know any clinic in Slovenia or best hair transplant surgeon in Slovenia.

  2. clummalalaCic /

    Hi, I want appointment for consultation and possibly hair transplantation too.

  3. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Hi, Cost of hair transplantation and restoration depends upon
    1- Hair restoration tchnique like FUE vs FUT
    2- Number of grafts.
    However to give you an idea we charge 1000 euro for 2500 grafts by FUT procedure. Our fue packages are 2000, 4000 and cost you 1800 and 3600 euro respectively.

  4. How much does hair transplant cost in Slovenia /

    Hi, How much does hair transplant cost in Slovenia?

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