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Hair loss has become an increasing menace and there has been much research on this issue. As a result, there are many hair restoration methods available. In Panama, a candidate may find many skilled surgeons who can perform successful procedure. Hair loss has become a common problem these days since a large number of people suffer from it. Stress with growing competition, poor diet and prolonged illness are some of the common causes of hair fall. Research and studies have been done to introduce methods of hair regeneration and so far they have been very successful. Out of all the methods the surgical procedure of hair transplantation is the most successful and result yielding. Hair transplantation is the process of extracting or removing hair from an area of good hair growth and then planting them on the bald or thinning patch. This process was first introduced in the 1950s to treat irregular baldness caused due to accidents and burns. However, only due to the success of this procedure it became a cosmetic treatment. So far, millions of people have benefited from it and the various new methods have caused a revolution in the cosmetic medicine sector. Panama is a small country in Central America but there has been much advancement there. It is also worth mentioning, that procedures such as hair transplantation have become common procedures due to the high demand by people regardless of their ethnicity and origin. In Panama, a person can find many doctors and surgeons who offer hair restoration treatments. It is human nature to be impatient and to demand quick results and only the hair transplantation surgery satiates this urge. The other restoration methods need time to show results while the surgery shows full results in a maximum of one year, in which hair can grow out to a significant length. The hair regeneration surgery is done in two basic ways, although there has been much development and newest techniques are being used. The strip method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method, are the two basic types of surgery. Out of these, the FUE method is more preferred due to its natural and long lasting results. The purpose of hair restoration is to not only cover baldness but also to make the person feel confident and younger. In case the transplantation results are not natural and the hair transplanted is detected from a distance, the goal of the surgery is not achieved. This is why, the skills of a surgeon and the method used makes a lot of difference in the end result. It is always advised that a potential candidate looks for the right surgeon, one who is skilled and experienced. This can easily be assessed by the number of patients that consult a doctor and the testimonials of these past patients, which are available on websites and various blogs can be very helpful. The cost of the procedure and the end result are the two main factors that a candidate looks for. In order to find the best cost and a surgeon who produces good results, prior research is necessary. There are many countries which provide cheaper hair treatments as compared to others while the western countries are much more expensive. Panama’s currency is pegged to the US Dollar and therefore the foreign exchange value is very high. This causes the cost of the procedure to be high as well and therefore it is out of reach of many people. Hair transplant forum of Panama shows that there are several good surgeons in the state but due to the currency of Panama being high, these procedures are out of reach of many people.

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