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There are many methods of hair restoration in Norway. However, the most result yielding and hassle free is the hair restoration surgery. Hair loss among people of all ages has increased during the recent past due to the lifestyle that we follow. Poor diets and stress are some of the factors that affect hair growth. Due to a large number of people suffering from hair loss, many methods and techniques to restore hair growth have been introduced. In Norway, all these methods are being practiced. However, the most result yielding and effective method has been the surgical procedure of hair restoration. In this surgery, hair is removed from an area of good hair growth and then planted on the balding area. There are two main ways of this surgery; the strip harvest method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. The strip method involves removal of hair in the form of a strip. This strip is harvested with sharp scalpels and then dissected into smaller units for plantation. The wound of the harvesting is stapled with the help of surgical stainless steel staples, which cause a permanent scar. The smaller units are planted on the bald area from where they gain nutrition from the scalp and start to grow normally. The FUE method involves removal of individual follicles which are then planted one by one on the bald patch. This method is more technical and requires a higher degree of skill and expertise on the surgeon’s part. It is often advised that a person interested in getting hair surgery must gather some information about the surgeon’s available for FUE method so that the choice made for the surgery is correct. This can be done by exploring websites and going through the testimonials of past patients. All of this resource helps a person make up his mind about the surgeon he selects for the surgery. The surgeon has to keep in mind that the procedure can improve or damage the patient’s outlook and therefore he has to exercise extreme caution and skill. The surgery is done under local anesthesia in a clinic. The patient is awake during the procedure and it is therefore essential to be comfortable in the clinical environment. Before the surgery, the scalp is properly cleaned and then the anesthesia is given. The surgeon removes the follicles or strip of hair using a microscope. Once the extraction has been done, the surgeon and patient take a break and then the plantation is completed. The surgery is usually ended in a day’s time but in case of severe baldness, it might take a few days to complete. The surgeons usually charge according to the number of grafts, therefore the final cost of the procedure depends on the amount of work done. However, in some cases the cost may be more due to any other health condition. Many times surgeons reduce their fee in order to attract more patients and as a marketing strategy. This further underlines the importance of gathering information before engaging a surgeon. In Norway, people will find it an easy job to find a surgeon and then travel to Pakistan for a quality surgery. Hair Transplantation in Norway is an advanced procedure but it is an expensive procedure due to which people travel to other countries.

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