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Nigeria is a central country of Africa and there has been major development in recent years. Medical science and facilities have also progressed. There are several hair transplantation surgeons and medical centers in the country.

Hair transplantation is a method through which baldness is treated by taking viable hair follicles from an area of good hair growth and then planting them on the bald patch. The follicles are usually in a resting phase for a few months and then they start to grow normally, giving the recipient a covered head. This method was initially only used to treat accidental baldness such as that resulting from burns. However, due to the success of this method it became a cosmetic procedure. In Nigeria, there are many advanced medical centers and almost all kinds of medical procedures are being performed there. A hair transplantation surgery is a common procedure nowadays since there are many people who suffer from hair loss. Hair loss may be caused by many disorders such as illness or deficiencies of essential vitamins and minerals. The reason for hair fall must be identified and then treated properly. Once the cause of hair loss has been uprooted, a person can opt for any method of hair restoration. The surgery for hair restoration is a simple experience for the patient while it demands skill and expertise from the surgeon. Usually, patients focus on two factors for a surgery; the end result and the cost. The end result is mainly determined by the skills of the doctor and the cost is usually dependent on the location as well as the surgeon’s fee. There are many skilled doctors who charge low due to the influx of a large number of patients and in an endeavor to combat competition among the surgeons in an area. However, a hair transplantation surgery costs around $4,000 to $10,000 in Nigeria, which is very expensive while a person can get the same kind of procedure done for almost half the price. In Malaysia, Thailand and Pakistan, cheap hair restoration surgeries are done while the results are excellent. This is since the currencies of these countries are lower in terms of foreign exchange and therefore anyone hailing from European or other western countries find these countries much cheaper than their own countries. . Hair transplant is basically done in two ways; Strip harvesting and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The Strip harvesting involves removal of a hair of strip using a sharp instrument. The area from where the strip is removed is stapled together from which a scar is left on the wounded area. The strip that is removed is dissected in to smaller units and then planted on the scalp where there is little or no hair growth. FUE is the more complicated and a much more result yielding procedure. The surgeon removes individual hair follicles from an area on the scalp and then tiny incisions are made in the bald patch and these hair follicles are then planted into these gaps. The hair follicles set into the small hollow and start to grow in the new position by receiving nutrients from the scalp. The marks left after FUE procedure are minute and are easily covered by hair once the hair growth normalizes. There are very few side effects from hair transplantation such as swelling, headache, and itching and hair loss. This hair loss is not something to worry about because this is only temporary and is seen after all kinds of surgeries.

Hair transplant forum Nigeria shows that there are many options for a candidate to choose from. However, hair restoration surgeries, producing the same results at a lower cost are available in Pakistan.

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    Hello kamoru , you are absolutely right.

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    Hair transplantation surgery is a new development that is usefull for people who suffer from hair loss.

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