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Discuss you hair loss and baldness problem with our experts. Know about latest methods of hair transplant in Latvia. Get an up to date and first hand knowledge about how to perform hair transplant and what should be expectation after procedure.

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello Doctor, we will be happy to perform your fue hair transplant at our clinic. As far as working in your clinic as partner or visiting doctor, its not possible as doctor Ahmad Chaudhry has busy clinic in Pakistan. It is his routine to perform every day procedure. However we can work on possibility if you refer patient to our clinic and we will facilitate you in this regard.
    Customer Relation Manager
    31 A Alizeb Road Gulberg-3
    Lahore, Pakistan
    Hair Transplant And Laser Center
    Web :

    Tel: +92-42-3587-4529
    Time: 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM

  2. Kimo /


    We are clinic located in Oslo , we are looking for some partner regarding Cosmetic Surgery, specially hair transplantation FUE, where we are able to send our client to them, or invited them to come over to Norway, when there is enough client her.

    Me personally i would like to do hair transplant of 7000 grifts using FUE, and wonder about the price, commendation if we invite you to come to Oslo, if there is enough client, and so on, so if you are interested pleas contact me on my Skype ID Drkimo-quit-smoking.

    Looking for it to hear from you

    Best regards

    Dr. Kimo Klinikken
    Senter for Røykeslutt & Nikotinavvenning
    Dronningens G 25
    0154 Oslo – Norway
    Tel: 911 66 212

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