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How hair transplant clinics in Kuwait performing procedures ?

Many of the patients in Kuwait are suffering from hair loss and baldness. Various treatments are available in the country. This helps the patients in getting the hairs back on the scalp through surgery or medicines. Kuwait is also known as State of Kuwait and it is situated in West of Asia. It is bordered by Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia and Iraq from three sides. In 19th century, this country was rules by the Ottoman Empire, but after the end of World War One, it came under the protection of Great Britain. After gaining independence form Britain in 1961, it saw a great economic growth. Most of the economy is heavily dependent upon export of oil. It is also the eleventh richest country of the world. It has the best health care system in the world. Basic treatments are provided to the citizens without any cost. Baldness is found among men and women in the country. Most of the men in the country are suffering from male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia. It is normal for the patients to loss up to hundred hairs per day. But if it is more than 100 then it is best for the patients to consult a dermatologist or specialist. Most of the time, hair loss can be cured easily when it is on initial stages. It can be easily treated by using some medicines.When it comes to hair restoration, most of the non surgical treatments are used by Kuwaiti people from many centuries. Patients can also find herbal and homeopathic treatments in the country to get back the hairs on the scalp. In medicinal treatments, there are two drugs that are approved by the FDA of the United States. These medicines are effective only for those who are on the initial stages of baldness. One of these medicines is known as Finasteride that is helpful for those suffering from male pattern baldness. This drug is taken in form of two milligram pill per day. It regulates the DHT hormones in body that is responsible for hair fall during androgenic alopecia. Another drug that is also effective in restoring the hairs back is Minoxidil. It is available in form of an ointment or solution that is rubbed on the scalp externally. This solution helps the patients in regaining the hairs back on the affected area. Both of the medicines are available form the country on very low price. It is required to use these drugs regularly for a long time. Otherwise they will not show good and desired results in patients.

Kuwait is one of the global and developed countries of the world. People do not have time to use the drugs regularly in order to restore their hairs back. Most of them prefer restoration surgeries. These surgical treatments are the most effective for treating baldness. These are performed in special clinics by the surgeons. Patients can find good and high quality hair transplant clinics in Kuwait. They can search about these clinics by taking the help form internet. They can also ask from their friends, family members and colleagues about the best hair loss treatment clinics in the Kuwait. They can also check from various forums to find the best clinic for their treatment.

Hair restoration clinics in Kuwait are equipped with all latest technologies and instruments. They have good hygiene in their operation theaters and rooms. Surgeons who are working there have years of experience in performing these surgeries on the patients. They can help in providing a good surgery with less side-effect after the treatment. Initial consultancy is provided in the clinics without any fees. Patients should request the surgeon to show them pre and post surgical photos of the patients who got treatment from hem in the past.There are two surgeries that are offered to the patients in Kuwait. Follicular unit transplant is the most commonly found hair transplant surgery in Kuwait. This is traditional trip surgical method where follicles are extracted at once. The other method that is newer is known as follicular unit extraction in which follicles are extracted one by one from the scalp. This helps the patients in getting less pain and fewer scarring after the treatment. Both of these methods are helpful in treating hair loss problems. Hair Restoration in Kuwait is very much costly and thousands of dollars needed to get treatment in the country. Patients can travel to the country like Pakistan if they want to get a low cost treatment with excellent result. Fue hair transplant cost in Pakistan 80% less when we compare it here in Kuwait.

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    I am working in Kuwait. I have lost my hair due to water (think so).Hair transplant cost in Kuwait is too much high and I can not afford it. I searched on net and found your clinic prices are reasonable and results seems good to excellent. Can i get appointment for my hair implantation?

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