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 Hair loss is a serious issue for many people these days. Italy is a European country where people suffer from this condition. Due to this, there are several clinics where hair restoration methods are being used. Hair is an important part in a person’s outlook and in case of hair loss; the individual can face inferiority and lack of confidence. This is why methods of hair restoration have been in use for a long time. The most effective and result yielding is the hair transplantation surgery. With time, all methods are becoming advanced and so is the surgical method. Initially, the hair transplantation surgery was used to conceal hair gaps and baldness caused by accidents and burns. The previous methods were not as natural as the ones in use now. They produced results that often left a bumpy scalp or the hair appeared to grow out of the same hair follicle like doll’s hair. There are two methods in use these days, the strip method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. The strip method involves removal of hair in the form of a strip, which is then dissected into smaller units and planted on the bald patch. The site at which the strip is removed suffers from a permanent scar left from the cut wound, which is stapled together with the help of surgical staples. The FUE method is a little more technical as it involves extraction of individual hair follicles which are then planted one by one on the bald patch. The FUE method is considered most natural since it does not leave any scars and the final look is absolutely what the patients’ desire. Both the methods give good results since the individual’s own hair is used and they grow fully by taking nutrients from the rich capillary network on the scalp. A surgeon plays an important part in FUE surgery results since his skills and artistry is exercised to bring around the same direction and pattern of hair growth as is existing on the head. In case the same hair pattern or direction of hair is not maintained; the transplanted patch appears different than the rest of the head and a surgery is detectable. A person living in Italy can find many qualified surgeons in the country who can perform such surgeries. However, it is always better to do some research. It is possible that a surgeon may be good but due to the high cost of procedures, people turn to other surgeons in cheaper countries to get the same results at a better cost. In such cases, Pakistan is becoming a preferred choice for an increased number of people. The surgeons in Pakistan perform numerous surgeries every day and hence their experience and skill is more than that of surgeons in the western developed countries. A person in Italy can search for good surgeons through the Internet. These days a majority of surgeons and clinics maintain websites and so it is easier for a person to gather information about doctors and practitioners. The persons interested in hair surgery often look for two basic factors, the cost of surgery and the final results. The surgery may be excellent but if the cost is high, people will look for other surgeons who can perform the same procedure at a lower cost. Due to currency difference and the taxation policies, Pakistan has cheaper facilities as compared to Italy. The surgeons in Pakistan are very experienced and this is why people do not hesitate in consulting a surgeon there, instead of going to an expensive western state.  Hair transplant in Italy is done with the latest techniques. It is advised that a candidate must do some basic research before engaging a surgeon.However due to medical tourism hair transplant in Pakistan 75% less cost than in Italy. Hair Transplant Forum Italy is a best place online to share your experiences.

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