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 Hair loss is an issue that many people face these days. Guadeloupe has several clinics for hair restoration surgery but patients must find surgeons who provide good results and cost less. Guadeloupe is an island in the Caribbean region and is an overseas French region. Medical facilities and other amenities of life are all available in the state but people travel out of Guadeloupe for cheaper treatments. It is always recommended that if a person is interested in hair transplantation, he must do some basic research to choose a surgeon that is best for him. The western countries are more established and therefore have better medical facilities and latest technology, however, the cost of a procedure from the western countries is quite expensive and often out of reach of ordinary people. Hair transplantation was initially done in the 1950s to cure baldness resulting from accidents and burns. Due to an increase in the resources and awareness among people about aesthetics, more and more people turn towards hair restoration surgery in order to look better and gain back their confidence. A hair transplantation surgery basically involves removal of hair from an area of good hair growth and then planting them on the bald patch. This surgery is simple for the patient since it is performed under the effect of local anesthesia but the surgeon needs to exercise great care and skill. This is because the planted hair must be identical in direction and pattern of the existing hair. Hair restoration surgery is done in two ways, the strip method and the FUE method. The strip method is not as technical as the FUE method and the latter is therefore is more costly. There are some countries where cheap hair transplants are available, such as Pakistan. The latest techniques of transplantation are used in Pakistan and there are several experienced and skillful surgeons who can perform FUE hair restoration surgery. The latest techniques and methods of hair regeneration surgery are available in Pakistan since it is a country where good quality of hair transplants is offered at a much competitive price. The medical tourism to Pakistan is a significant industry since a large number of people travel from all over the world to get a result yielding surgery from here. Due to the surgeons treating a wide array of patients each day, their experience is increased and vast. Another fact is that due to dealing with all kinds of people from different countries, the surgeons have become skillful and can deal with all kinds of cases. Surgeons have immaculate skills and can carry out hair transplants using both the methods while FUE remains more preferred by people due to a scar-less result and the natural finish. The latest development in the hair restoration surgery is the use of a mechanical device called neograft. It is a mechanical device that removes follicles by a vacuum motion and then plants them on the bald patch. The mechanical method leaves no scars and is more efficient in terms of speed and also allows a large number of grafts to be planted in much lesser time than a manual FUE procedure. Due to this reason, it may cost lesser than a manual surgery, but even then people prefer the manual surgery since it requires human judgment.

Hair transplant forum in Guadeloupe helps people understand the various steps of surgery and know about the procedure in order to choose the right path to successful results.

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