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Hair Transplant Forum in Grenada

Grenada is a developed state that has a rich culture. Hair plays an important part in almost every culture as well as the modern lifestyle. This is why hair restoration methods are available in Grenada. Hair loss has become a menace for people of all ethnicities and nations; this is why the methods of hair restoration are in practice everywhere in the world. Likewise, Grenada offers a wide array of hair transplantation surgeons who use the latest technology to provide natural results. Hair transplantation is basically the transfer of hair from an area of good hair growth on to an area of poor hair growth or bald patch. This method has evolved over the years. Previously it did not produce very natural results but nowadays, even a hairstylist cannot tell if a person has undergone surgery. The cost of this surgery in Europe and United States is more than how it costs in Asian countries such as Pakistan. Anyone considering a surgery to restore hair must do some prior research in order to make the right choice of a surgeon. The surgeons in Pakistan are well qualified and world renowned due to their amicable disposition and perfect surgeries. The surgeons in Pakistan use the latest techniques and methods while the cost of the procedure is much lesser than the same in Europe and the USA. The hair transplant surgery can be done in two ways. Firstly there is the Strip harvesting method and the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method. The strip harvesting method involves removal of a strip from a dense hair growth area and then this strip is dissected and planted on to the bald patch. Before explaining this method in detail, it must be mentioned that hair transplant operations are performed on an outpatient basis, under the effects of mild sedation and local anesthesia. Normally, local anesthesia lasts around six hours. Prior to the surgery, the head or area to be transplanted is thoroughly washed and treated with an antibacterial agent. FUE harvesting does not involve harvesting from a large area on the scalp. This is why FUE can give very natural results with little or no scarring. Once the hair follicles are taken, the surgeon uses very small micro blades to make incisions at the site where the grafts are to be planted. The surgeon very carefully places the hair follicles in a pattern that is similar to the natural pattern of hair growth and the density, or distance of one follicle from the other is also kept constant in order to give a natural look. The technicians generally do the final part of the procedure, inserting the individual grafts in place. The post surgery care routine is a very essential part and needs to be followed as per doctor’s orders. If any carelessness follows the surgery, there is a chance of some failure such as doctors recommend thorough washing of the scalp and if candidates are unable to do this, their newly planted hair follicles might not set in well due to any scabs or dirt on the site of plantation. Surgical hair replacement is by far the most result yielding and reliable. Another very beneficial factor is that individuals do not need to follow a daily routine of medication or supplements and can enjoy fuller hair for the rest of their lives.

Hair transplant forum in Grenada is a useful platform to learn about the surgical procedure. It is also useful to learn about the cost offered by the various surgeons of any country.

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