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 Hair loss issue has become large during recent years and medical research has come up with many methods to treat this problem. In Germany, the latest techniques are being used to restore hair growth. Germany is a developed European country and has the best medical services available. However, the cost of these services are much higher when compared to some Asian countries such as Pakistan. In Germany, all the latest methods of hair restoration are available, out of which the hair transplant surgery is the most popular. Hair transplant surgery is the shifting of hair from an area of good growth to an area of thinning or no hair growth. The cost of this surgery is even higher than the regular medical treatments hence it is out of reach for many people. However, the trend of aesthetic care has been increasing during recent years and people make extra efforts to look better. This means that they have the zeal to look for a cheaper treatment, which is easily affordable. This leads to many people traveling to other destinations in search of a quality treatment at a lower price. The German surgeons and clinics are well reputed for their work but the cost is one factor that shifts people’s focus to other places. Pakistan has an increasing level of medical tourism due to its quality medical services and lower cost. The travel and accommodation in Pakistan are also less expensive  which makes it a favorite for those looking for a result yielding hair transplant. Hair transplantation is a meticulous surgery and can be performed by qualified and experienced surgeons only. Due to a rising number of patients in Pakistan, the surgeons perform a high number of surgeries every day and hence their experience is unquestionable. Apart from this, they are famous for being amicable and this provides comfort to the patient who feels free to ask any question related to the surgical procedure or results. If a person in Germany is interested in getting a good hair transplant, he can easily look for surgeons and clinics in Pakistan through the Internet. Once the surgeon is contacted, the person can email a photograph of his bald scalp so that the surgeon can give an estimate of the number of grafts along with the cost of the procedure. This way, a patient can compare the cost and results of various surgeons and eventually select one who is most suited. The hair transplant surgery is done in two basic ways, the strip method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. The strip method involves removal of hair in the form of a strip from the back of the head, where the hair growthis usually better than any other part of the scalp. The wound is stapled together with the help of surgical staples but a scar is left at this place. The strip is dissected into smaller units and planted on the bald patch. This procedure is less expensive than the FUE method. The FUE method is more technical and requires more skill and time. The surgeon extracts individual hair follicles and plants them one by one on the bald patch. It is a meticulous procedure for the surgeon who has to maintain the same direction and pattern of hair growth as already present on the scalp. The results of FUE surgery are so natural that they cannot be detected by a hairdresser even. In Pakistan, the latest techniques and methods are available and it is easy for a patient to approach a doctor while he is still in his own country. Once the doctor is decided, the patient can arrange travel and accommodation. Hair fall treatment in Germany is available with the use of the latest techniques and methods. However, due to a high cost, people select other destinations for the procedures.

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