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France is one of the developed nations of the world. There is all type of hair loss treatments available to the patients. Hair loss surgeries are also offered by various clinics. These are obtained from the well experienced surgeons. France that is officially known as France Republic is located in west of the Europe. Its culture, economy, military and political role makes it one of the influential countries of its region. It is providing a high standard of living to its citizens. It is listed as the top country providing best health care system to its citizens by the World Health Organization. Basic health treatments are provided to the citizens without any fees. The dentistry and cosmetic surgical treatments are not covered under any medical insurance. These are only provided in private clinics. Hair transplant treatments are offered to those that are suffering from hair loss and baldness problems. These surgical treatments help the patients in regaining their hairs back on the scalp. In the country, there are many people suffering from androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness. For such patients, these surgeries are last left option. These treatments help the patients in getting the hairs within a few months of their surgical treatment.

Best hair restoration surgical treatments are provided to the patients in the country. The surgeons that are providing the treatments have a vast experience in dealing with hair restoration surgeries. They also have experience of working with renowned hospitals of the world. They help the patients in accurately getting the surgical treatment. They have relevant specialization degree in field of transplant. They help the patients in minimizing the after surgical side-effects. They also help them in overcoming from the side-effects such as redness, soreness, infections, pain and swelling. They also guide the patients about the pre and post operative precautions. Most of them are members of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

The cost of treatment is dependant upon precise amount of grafts that are required to conceal baldness of a patient. The total number of grafts also affects the number of sessions that are issued to perform a surgical treatment. The cost varies from one patient to another and from one clinic to other because the requirement of grafts is different for each patient. Those who need fewer grafts have to pay less amount of money. The patients that want thicker hairs on their balding scalp need more grafts and they have to spend more money to get the surgery. France is one of the European countries that are providing the most expensive surgery to the patients. But this price is lower than that needed to get surgery in the United States. It is fifty percent cheaper than United States. It is estimated that a single FUT graft costs four Euros.

There are different techniques accessible in France to perform hair restoration surgery. The most common of them is follicular unit transplant in which hair follicles are removed with the help of a strip. This is provided by almost every hair loss clinic of the country. The other treatment is known as follicular unit extraction where hair follicles are removed one by one from the scalp. This is the most expensive hair surgery obtained form the country. Body hair transplant technique is also offered by many clinics to help those patients who d not have donor follicles on the scalp. These follicles are taken from their body hairs. Latest devices that are used to help the surgeon during performing the FUE are also available in the country. These include Neograft, RotoCore, 3-Step and ARTAS. These treatments are provided accurately to the patients. Each of them has defined costs in transplant clinics. Patients can get the basic consultation from the surgeon without paying any fees. They can also know about the estimated cost of their treatment during this session. The most clinics providing Hair Transplant in France are located in its capital city, Paris. These clinics can be searched by using any search engine.

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