Hair Transplant Forum Dominica

Hair Transplant Forum Dominica

 Anyone who seeks a hair restoration surgery bears in mind the cost of the procedure and the end results. In Dominican Republic, there are many well reputed surgeons who offer hair transplantation surgery at very reasonable prices.

The Dominican Republic is a nation populated on the island in the Caribbean region. The state is westernized in the terms of technology and the modernity of living. This is why the medical field in the country is also advanced and all kind of medical treatments are available. There are many people who travel to Dominican Republic to get a good hair restoration surgery. The influx of patients is mainly from the United States and Europe. Patients who cannot afford an expensive procedure prefer to go to other countries where the end results are satisfactory and the cost is also reasonable. There are many websites and blogs from where incoming patients can gather some basic information about the country as well as the people. All those going to Dominica from the United States have an advantage since they do not have to travel long distances and the currency of Dominica is cheaper than the US Dollar therefore they get a vacation as well as reliable surgical procedures. Many medical centers and clinics offer information to patients on the websites. A person can easily get an estimate of their procedure and can also arrange accommodation and travel plans. It is always advised that a candidate must do some basic research about the procedure and the doctors available. This is helpful in understanding the different steps of the surgery along with the amount of work required in a particular case. A patient can then choose a surgeon who suits him or her best. It is best to read the testimonials of past patients of any particular doctor in order to understand if he is skilled or not. Once the decision of the doctor is made, a patient can hold an initial consultation in which the prerequisites can be decided. The cost, number of sessions and grafts as well as the end results can be discussed. The doctor can clear out any unrealistic goals while also understanding what the patient expects. The method of the procedure can also be decided during this meeting. The hair transplantation surgery is done in two basic ways, the strip method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. In Strip harvest method, sharp instruments are used to remove a strip of hair from the back of the head or any other part which has good hair growth. This strip is then dissected into smaller unites and then planted on the bald patch. The wound from removing the strip of hair is stapled together by the use of surgical staples. The FUE procedure involves extraction of individual hair follicles and then planting these follicles on the bald patch. Before the procedure it is advised that the candidate does some research and finds a good surgeon and clinic for this kind of a procedure. Hair transplant surgeries are a sensitive procedure since the whole outlook of a person depends on this and it is difficult to entrust your appearance to a total stranger. The past patients’ testimonies, experiences and results must be observed before engaging any surgeon. Local anesthesia is given to the surgeon at the donor site as well as the recipient site. According to the method chosen, the surgeon removes either a strip of hair or individual follicles. The patient is awake throughout the surgery. If the donor site is at the back of the head, the patient has to lie on his stomach in order to allow the surgeon to collect hair. Once this is done, a break is given and then the follicles or strip units are planted at the recipient site. All the while during plantation, the patient sits straight but in an inclined position. This time may be used to watch television or read a book. Once the hair follicles or strip units are planted the patient can go home. Hair transplant surgery in Dominica is available at a cheaper cost than that in the United States or Europe and this is why many people from the developed countries travel to Dominican republic for a satisfactory procedure.

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– 2000 follicle by Fue procedure = 1800 euro

-Follicles 4000 by Fue method = 3600 euro

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