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These days it is easy to find a hair transplantation surgeon anywhere in the world. This is attributed to a few factors, such as people gaining resources and becoming aware of aesthetic beauty. Apart from this many people suffer from hair loss and need to take treatments. This has made the procedure become common and it is practiced everywhere in the world.

Cayman Islands are a British territory in the Caribbean region and is comparable to any developed country in terms of advancements. It was recently hit by a hurricane in 2004 but the development has been done at a significant pace since then. The healthcare sector of Cayman Islands is commendable and in 2003, the Cayman Islands became the first country in the world to mandate health insurance for all residents. This however has caused the cost of cosmetic and other such procedures to experience price hike. However, since there are many surgeons to choose from, it is likely that a candidate gets the cost and results that they desire. The surgeons and clinics of Cayman Island have, during the recent years, established many marketing strategies and have also developed an amicable relationship with their patients in order to maximize the number of patients. There are several clinics which offer accommodation along with result yielding procedures. In the islands, there are many comfortable accommodations where a potential candidate may stay while getting the treatment. For all those living in the islands, it is easy to contact any surgeon since they are easily traceable through the websites and public information centers. The non surgical as well as surgical methods of hair restoration are available in Cayman Islands. A hair transplantation procedure involves removal of hair from an area of good hair growth and then planting them on the bald patch. This procedure was first done in the 1950s to restore hair growth that was disturbed by accidents or through burns. Due to the success of these procedures, they became a cosmetic treatment and people started improving their appearance by getting these surgeries done. Usually, a hair regeneration surgery is done in a single session but depending on the extent of baldness it may take more than a single session to be completed. Hair restoration surgeries are a sensitive procedure since the whole outlook of a person depends on this and it is difficult to entrust your appearance to a total stranger. The past patients’ testimonies, experiences and results must be observed before engaging any surgeon since it is essential to b satisfied with your choice. Once the surgeon is selected, consultation takes place. During this consultation all the aspects of the procedure are discussed. The surgeon takes his patient’s history of medication and in case of any medical conditions such as diabetes or blood pressure, it is necessary for the doctor to be aware. Apart from this the doctor talks to his patient about his expectations and prepares him about the result of the surgery. The surgery is competed after the hair is transplanted and the doctor gives a post surgery care routine to follow. Hair transplantation is a simple surgery since it is performed by giving local anesthesia and so the patient is awake. The wounds from surgery are not major due to which there is no healing period except for a few days which is usual. It is done by removing hair from the donor site and then planting on the bald patch. The hair is usually planted near the hair line and on the top of the head. This means that small incisions are made very near the forehead. This may cause a slight headache for a few days following hair surgery. This pain is due to small wounds on the head and once the healing process starts this pain subsides. Apart from this, the candidate may experience some swelling in the surrounding area as well as the recipient site. This is also due to the use of sharp instruments and newly planted hair that the regular system of the body has been interfered with. These side effects are so minor that they can hardly be considered substantial. In some cases there may be redness and a stretchy feeling on the planted area but that is also normal since the scalp has been touched and incised. The most prominent side effect of hair restoration surgery is hair loss. This hair loss is also referred to as shock loss. Shock loss is a normal side effect of any surgery since the body goes through a traumatic time during surgery. All these side effects are normal and in case anything persists, it might be taken seriously.

Hair transplant forum in Cayman Islands is helpful for hundreds of people who seek good quality procedures. The hair transplant method is done using the latest equipment and techniques, maximizing the results for every patient who opts for a surgery. There is recent trend of medical tourism and people travel to our clinic and get 2000 to 4000 follicles in single session. It cost them 2000 to 4000 $ depending upon technique and number of grafts.

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