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Hair Transplantation in Canada

Hair loss has become an issue during the recent past and medical research has come up with several methods to combat this problem. In Canada, all the methods of hair loss treatments are in use, out of which the most effective and long lasting is the hair transplant surgery.Hair plays an important part in a person’s outlook and in case of a lack of hair, the person becomes shy and loses much confidence to deal with the world. Due to this, medical research has been done to come up with methods of hair restoration. These methods can be non surgical such as laser therapy and usage of medical lotions. The most effective and everlasting treatment is the hair transplant surgery. It is a one-time procedure which yields maximum results within a year. This surgery was first done in the early 1950s to combat baldness resulting from accidental scars and burns. It is due to its success that it became a cosmetic procedure and has been helping people regain their younger and better look while also building up confidence in them. The surgery involves shifting of hair from an area of good growth to an area of poor or no growth. In Canada, all the latest techniques and methods of hair restoration are being used. However, the cost of this procedure is very high in Canada due to which people turn to other cheaper countries such as Pakistan. Hair transplant is done in two main ways; Strip harvest and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The strip harvest requires removal of hair in the form of a strip from a patch that has good hair growth. This strip is then dissected into smaller hair units and is planted on to the scalp where there is no growth or the existing growth is very less. The procedure is short and is done by using local anesthesia on the patient. The strip of hair is removed using sharp cutters and then this wound is stitched back using surgical staples made of stainless steel. FUE is a process which is more technical than strip harvesting that it involves the hair follicles to be removed individually under local anesthesia. Each hair follicle is then individually planted on the scalp. The incisions on the bald patch are almost negligible since they are made with minute punches and hence the tiny scar is almost invisible. Due to the same reason, the pain experienced after the surgery is very less and subsides within a short period. The FUE hair transplant is a meticulous procedure and is a laborious job for the surgeon who needs to exercise great caution while planting and extracting the hair follicles. Hair transplant surgery is available everywhere in the world, but some countries are more expensive than others and one of them is Canada. It is recommended that all patients must do some basic research prior to the surgery. Once the surgeon is consulted, the candidate must be prepared for the procedure and must also know what to expect after surgery. In Canada, if a patient is not satisfied or does not afford the treatment from a Canadian surgeon he can very easily consult a surgeon in other countries through the Internet. All they have to do is send a picture of their scalp to the surgeon who then sends back an estimate of the number of grafts and the final cost. This is very convenient since the travel and accommodation plans can be made after the decision of the surgeon is finalized. Secondly, the healing period required for the surgery is very short and hence it is easy for a person to travel back home without facing any discomfort.

Hair transplantation in Canada is available using the latest technology. It is advised that a candidate does some basic research to find a surgeon that is best for the patient.

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