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Barbados is the capital of West Indies and is close to the United States and hence has American influence. This stands valid for the medical services being provided there as well.

Hair restoration methods that are available everywhere in the world are a result of extensive research and study. These methods provide relief from baldness and each treatment is focused at a certain type of hair loss. The surgical method of hair regeneration is by far the most effective method and is open to all kinds of hair losses. In every individual, hair loss may be caused due to a different reason. Some people suffer from genetic hair loss while some suffer from deficiencies which result in hair fall. For all types of hair losses, it is necessary to find out the cause of the hair loss. Once the reason is detected, a person must get it treated properly before opting for any kind of hair restoration method. Once the cause of hair fall has been uprooted a person can decide what kind of method to use to cover baldness and in case of hair regeneration surgery, which method to use and surgeon to select. The basic technique of hair transplant is to accumulate grafts of hair follicles from an area of good growth. Then the method is to transplant them to the bald patch. After the hair has been transplanted, the hair grows normally and the look remains natural. The people who opt for hair transplantation feel more confident and sure of themselves since they are satisfied with the way they look. The hair regeneration surgery is done under the effect of local anesthesia and there are two basic ways of doing it. During the initial consultation, the surgeon decides the various steps of surgery and also decides whether the surgery will need only a single sitting or will be completed in a number of sittings. The surgery requires minor precautions such as no smoking or alcohol intake in order to ensure a smooth surgery. Post surgery care includes intake of antibiotics to reduce any chances of wound infections. The two basic methods of hair transplantation are the strip method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE). Strip harvesting is more common than FUE and it involves removing strip of hair follicle from hairy patches such as back of the head or behind the ears. These strips are removed using a scalpel and are then carefully dissected into follicular units, which comprise of natural hair follicle groups. On the other hand, FUE is a lengthy process that involves removal of individual hair follicles, which are reinserted in the bald area. While FUE leaves no scar and there is no post surgery pain or discomfort, this process costs more and is not suitable for all candidates. There are minor after effects of the surgery that includes swelling and itching on the treated area. However, this can be treated with light medication and once the recipient is relieved, they can enjoy a better look and feel more confident about their outlook. With time, people who previously thought that hair transplant surgery is a tedious method and did not opt for it, now believe it is a normal process to achieve the look they want and to overcome baldness.

Source Box: The hair transplant forum in Barbados provides basic information about the various surgeons in the area. The medical sector of Barbados is advanced and all basic medical treatments and procedures are available.

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    Hello, Thank you for your message. We are based in Lahore Pakistan and we can restore your eyebrow through hair transplantation procedure. Please send us your close up pics of eyebrow for evaluation at

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    You are located in Barbados? How do you get Barbados customers? I am interested in eyebrow restoration but I can find no one to do it in Barbados, Help!

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    Hi, yes we accept patients from Barbados for hair loss surgery.

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    Hair transplantation and restoration in Barbados?

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    Sir, please visit our other pages for hair transplant surgery procedure details and hair transplantation cost. We have sent you details by email as well.

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    I live in Barbodas island and interested to know about hair transpalnt information.

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    Hi, our charges are based on per follicle. We charge 1000 euro for 2000-2500 grafts.

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    Sir, what is cost of hair transplant in Barbados?

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