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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hair transplantation surgery is costly in Austria and people travel to our clinic for quality and affordable hair transplantation. We have 2000 and 4000 fue grafts in 1800 and 3600 euro.

  2. admin / Post Author

    Sir, there are few hair transplant surgeons and clinics in Austria but when you compare hair transplant cost in Austria then cost of hair transplantation is too much high and people prefer to travel and get cheap hair transplants.

  3. Hair Surgeon Austria /

    Sir, I am looking hair transplant surgeon in Austria. Can you help and guide me.

  4. Cheap hair transplant in Austria /

    Sir, Do you offer cheap hair transplant package in Austria?

  5. admin / Post Author

    Hi, Already we sent you information and one of our staff member coordinating with you. For 3000 grafts by fue we charge 1500 euro and by fue @ 2400 euro.

  6. Larisa2738 /

    Hello Doctor, I have 2 sessions of hair transplant in Austria and results are not according to my expectation. My first session was 1000 grafts and second session 800 2 years ago. I need 3000 grafts. Please suggest me how to contact with you.

  7. admin / Post Author

    Sir, we do not have any clinic in Austria. However if you travel we can give you special discount and hotel arrangement , pick and drop from Airport free of cost.

  8. eldetaswits /

    Do you have hair transplant clinic in Austria?

  9. admin / Post Author

    Sir, we have our customers from all over the world. You are welcome for fue hair transplant procedure in Paris France. Our fue charges in France starts from 4.00 euro/fue graft.

  10. frursuarige /

    I am planning to visit Paris and interested for fue hair transplant in Paris France. What is hair transplant cost in Paris?

  11. admin / Post Author

    Sir, we have replied you by email and your appointment is confirmed at Paris clinic. Dr.Ahmad will perform your fue hair transplant procedure in September 2012. Your date for fue hair transplant is 24th September 2012. Already our staff communicated with you and we have received your advance payment as well.

  12. Fredoprideoto /

    I am from Austria and 54 years of age and want fue hair transplant from Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry at his Paris clinic. I already sent you email and my pictures.Waiting for your reply.

  13. admin / Post Author

    Sir, surely we can transplant 2500 fue follicles by fue procedure in 4-5 hours. You can have hair transplant by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry and cost of 2500 fue follicles will be 2250 euro.

  14. olaya0131 /

    Sir, I have consulted two hair transplant clinics in Austria and they suggested me 2500 follicles. I am interested to have fue hair transplant procedure. Cost of hair transplant in Austria is too much high and i can not afford it. Can i have fue hair transplantation by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry?

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