Hair Transplant in Faisalabad Sialkot Jhelum Mirpur Azad Kashmir

Hair transplant in Faisalabad Sialkot Jhelum Mirpur Azad Kashmir and Sahiwal ,this advance hair restoration procedure is not available in these cities.People travel to Lahore for best quality hair restoration surgery. Dr. Ahmad chaudhry MBBS, MD (Paris),Visiting Associate Professor in France with 15 years surgical experience has state of the art clinic in Lahore. People from different cities and provinces are coming for Fue hair transplant. We will give you all information about cost,charges and prices. Please see our before and after Photo Gallery.

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Sir, we will be happy to solve your problem.Please send us your photos so that we can examine and suggest you. Please send them from different angles,donor and recipient area.

  2. Fue hair Sialkot /

    Sir, i am victim of bad hair transplantation in Sialkot.I had one session of Fue procedure in Sialkot and it is more than 12 months. There is no growth at all and when i asked doctor,he gave me excuses and told me my skin has some disease. I sent my pictures to some surgeons in New York by email and they suggested me second session from some expert surgeon. I searched a lot and met one of your patient in Sialkot. I want to get my second session from you.

  3. admin / Post Author

    Sir, we do not have any hair loss treatment clinic in Sialkot. However mostly people visit us in Lahore for hair restoration surgery.

  4. admin / Post Author

    Sir, our most of patient come from UK and patient coordinator arrange hotel stay for them in Lahore. After hair procedure next day back to their home.

  5. admin / Post Author

    Sir, we do not have any clinic in Faisalabad and our nearest clinic is situated in Lahore. This clinic is 2 hours away from Faisalabad.

  6. admin / Post Author

    Sir,our patient coordinator already replied to you by email.We will be happy to serve you second time as well.

  7. admin / Post Author

    Sir, cost of hair transplant in Mirpur Azad Kashmir is charged based on number of follicles and technique. Strip surgery follicle is charged 70 rupee/graft and Fue 125/graft.

  8. prad /

    Sir,I had one session from Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry and belong to Jhelum. I need appointment for my second session. Please contact with me.

  9. Dymn /

    Sir, do you have any hair loss treatment clinic in Faisalabad?

  10. hek /

    Do you have hair transplant clinic in Sialkot?

  11. bintaindy /

    cost of hair transplant in mirpur azad kashmir?

  12. borf /

    I am living in England and visiting my native town Azad Kashmir, How can i contact with you to have hair transplant in Azad Kashmir?

  13. admin / Post Author

    Sir, you can start using Minoxidil 5% scalp lotion for 6 months and you will see improvement after three months.

  14. admin / Post Author

    Unfortunately there is none best hair transplant clinic in Faisalabad. Through there are few clinics but their results are very poor and below international standard.

  15. admin / Post Author

    Hair transplant clinics in Mirpur are sub standard as best hair transplant surgeons are in Lahore,Islamabad and Karachi. There are few hair transplant clinics in Mirpur but people have terrible experiences and poor hair growth.

  16. admin / Post Author

    Sir, We do not have any hair loss treatment clinic in Mirpur Azad Kashmir. People travel to our Lahore hair transplant clinic for quality hair transplantation.

  17. admin / Post Author

    We do not have any hair transplant and restoration clinic branch in Jhelum. The nearest is in Lahore where mostly people come from Jhelum for hair transplant surgery.

  18. admin / Post Author

    Sir, there are 1 to 2 hair transplant clinics in Faisalabad but results are not satisfactory. Our clinic is in Lahore where you can get best hair transplant result. We received following complains against those clinics.
    1- Poor Result
    2- Gap in the transplanted hair
    3- Scar on the back or donor area
    4- Artificial look or frontal hairline.

  19. admin / Post Author

    Sir, We have relocated to Lahore and there is no hair transplant clinic in Sialkot anymore. However few clinics are there but these offer low quality hair transplantation and low standard. By low standard means results are poor and seems artificial and frontal hairline can be recognized easily. Basically these clinics belong to hair transplant technicians who work with us previously and spreading infections due to lack of sterilization control and using materials on different patients. We would suggest you to come Lahore for best quality and infection free hair transplant procedure.

  20. Hair Transplant Sialkot /

    Hello, I am from Sialkot but live in UK and want hair transplant in Sialkot.Can you please tell me hair transplantation cost in Sialkot?

  21. Hair transplant in Faisalabad /

    I am looking for hair transplant clinic in Faisalabad.

  22. Hair Transplant in Jhelum /

    Do you have any hair transplant branch in Jhelum?

  23. Mirpur hair transplant /

    Sir, I live in Scotland and coming to Pakistan in December 2012. Do you have any hair transplant clinic/branch in Mirpur Azad Kashmir?

  24. Hair Loss Clinic Mirpur /

    Sir, where is your hair loss clinic in Mirpur?

  25. Best hair transplant clinic /

    What is name of best hair transplant clinic in Faisalabad?

  26. Hair fall clinic in Faisalabad /

    I have hair fall problem. Can you suggest any medication?

  27. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir, we do not have any hair transplantation clinic in Faisalabad. You have to travel to Lahore which is hardly 2.5 hours drive. Here you can consult best hair transplant surgeon so that he can see and suggest you for corrective hair implantation.

  28. Royce Perrault /

    I live in Faisalabad and already have one session from local hospital. I am not happy and satisfied with result. You have good repute and want to have appointment. where is your hair transplant clinic in Faisalabad?

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