Hair Transplant Faisalabad Information

Hair transplant in Faisalabad is offered by some clinics and doctors but mostly people prefer to travel to Lahore for quality hair restoration procedure.  Many hair replacement centers in Faisalabad are offering artificial systems to cover baldness. There is recent trend that such non surgical clinics or centers have started hair transplant in Faisalabad. Such clinics do not have proper qualified doctors and playing with the life of patients. Whenever you have plan to undergo for hair loss treatment , do your proper research and choose best clinic and doctor.

Hair restoration is performed by two techniques called FUT and FUE. Both these techniques can give good result if performed by qualified and trained surgeon. Follicular unit extraction is a pain free , stitches free and without any sort of scar so people prefer Fue procedure now a day. The technique is performed by expert doctor who has many years experience in this field otherwise patient cannot get satisfactory result.

Which method is best?

There is no doubt about that Fue is a preferred method due to following reasons:-

  • There is no fear when it came into mind that procedure did not have any cut or incision in the donor area.
  • Quick recovery and healing after follicular unit extraction
  • No visible scar and you may trim or keep your hair short.
  • No more interval between sessions and maximum number of grafts can be transplanted in one session

Hair transplant cost in Faisalabad is charged according to number of grafts or follicles. Secondly which technique you opt for hair restoration. Third is experience and qualification of surgeon. When you deeply search and visit  different clinics their results are not good and unhygienic condition. People travel to Lahore for best quality hair transplant where Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry has 16 years experience and many previously treated patients in Faisalabad with excellent results.

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