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Doctors and surgeons all over the world are coming and establishing their clinics for hair transplant in Dubai.Hair transplant is a kind of treatment for hair loss, very easily accessible around the world including Dubai. Patients can easily find both surgical treatments . They may also visit other countries in order to access a good surgery. Dubai, situated in the emirate of Dubai is a state of United Arab Emirates. It has the most population in UAE  and after Abu Dhabi, it’s the largest territory by area. It has veto power in country’s legal matters.  Sometimes people perceive it as a whole country instead of city state. It’s a global city and centre of business and culture of the Middle East and Persian Gulf region. Historically, the economy has foundations in oil industry and is mainly dependent on Tourism and financial services are the source of its major revenue.  In the past few years, it has attracted attention from the whole world through its advanced construction projects and popular sports events. The city has world’s tallest building “Burj Khalifa” and some huge shopping malls. In the list of luxurious cities, its 22nd most expensive city in the world, more expensive than London. It is considered as best city to live in the Middle East.Thinning of hair treatment Dubai

Hair transplantation is a form of cure for those who have permanently or partially lost their hair and are looking for a solution. The procedure is helpful for them in a way that it restores hair forever. The procedure involves taking few follicles from the section of the scalp that has good hair to the section that has less . Rest of the process is natural. These follicles with the passage of time produce healthy hair on the bald sections within a few months after the treatment. The process is not very complicated either. A local anesthesia is provided to the patients before performing the surgery. It results in a smooth operation without any uneasiness and pain. The operations are done in Dubai and are considered a blessing for the people without hair in the city.

Crown Area hair transplant Dubai

Hair transplant in Dubai that are available are of two kinds. First method is the old strip surgical method, also called follicular unit transplant. In this type, a thin metallic strip is used for getting the follicles from the selected area of the scalp. After that, follicles on the strip are separated with the help of a microscope. These follicles are injected into the bald areas of the scalp. A straight line wound will be present in the donor’s scalp from where the follicles are taken.  A surgeon later on fixes and stitches follicles in the recipient scalp with the help of stain steel sutures. A mark will be always there in the scalp of the patient who donated. Sometimes further re-growth methods are used to cover this. This surgical method is cheap and is available to the patients in the city. Most of the people interested to get new hair permanently are able to afford this surgery.

Fue crown vertex area

The second method that is available in Dubai is called “Follicular Unit Extraction”. This is a modern technique which is available in clinics since last ten years. In this type of treatment, follicles are taken one by one from the scalp of the person donating them. This is an expensive surgery in this city and in the world. This method is used by those who don’t want to have big scars and pain. In some advanced hair loss clinics, robot devices are there to do FUE surgery instead of a surgeon. Hair transplantation in Dubai is costly. Many people living there go to other countries to get a good surgical treatment instead of doing it home.  Those who are looking for low cost surgery, going to developing countries like Pakistan, India, Thailand and Philippines are good options.  In these countries you can get a high quality surgery at a very low price as compared to any other in the world. The results are good too and are comparable to any developed country.  A few people have also gone to the countries like United Kingdom, the United States and France.

Fue 2500 follicles transplantation

If you are looking for a good hair clinic in the city, you can visit online hair loss blogs. These blogs are a good source of information as old patients share about surgeons and clinics they have been too and their experiences in getting surgery. Many clinics have their official webpage for prospective patients who are interested in making an appointment online. The website also has other information like the pre and post treatment photographs of many patients who benefited. The photos provide a good idea about how good the surgeon is and hence helps many people in making opinion about hair loss clinics. Hair Transplantation in Dubai has a very high cost and cannot be afforded because of its high demand in the city. As there had been an increase in tourism for medical reasons, many patients now come to Pakistan to receive a low cost and high quality transplant.

Frontal hairline hair restoration Dubai

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