Hair transplant donor site

Hair Transplant Donor Site-Hair restoration is the procedure of collecting hair from an area of good growth and then planting them on a bald patch. The area from where the hair is extracted is called the donor site. Donor site is usually on the head and has a density of hair. In almost all cases the donor site is located on the scalp, however, in cases of acute baldness, the donor hair are taken from the body. The hair growth is most dense at the back of the head and above the ear area. In male pattern baldness, it is observed that the hair is lost from the top of the head or the hairline recedes to such an extent that it appears as if hair is lost from the forehead up to the crown of the head. The hair growth is then only found at the back of the head and this strip stretches to the sides of the head up till the temples. In early age baldness also, the hair is lost from the crown or the vertex of the head and forehead. Even in such cases, the hair density at the back of the head and above the ears is good.Donor site for hair transplant procedure

Some people have serious hair loss, which results in the gap between hairs to increase and the hair to become extremely thin. In such cases, the donor hair is extracted from the chest, arms or legs. In hair transplant, the hair is taken from one place and planted on the other and in case of less growth all over the head; hair has to be taken from the body. This is called body hair transplant. Normally, it is easier to take hair from the scalp, in other words, it is better if the donor site is on the head. The body hair is different from scalp hair in terms of texture, length and thickness. Body hair is coarser than scalp hair. The surgeon has to be skilled and experienced in order to extract hair successfully and to plant them in a natural pattern found in the existing hair on the head. The scalp is well supplied with blood vessels and the hair on the head receives nutrients in a large amount. This makes it possible for the hair to become healthy and to grow longer. On the contrary, the hair on the body is not that rich in nutrient supply and hence it has a coarse texture, and does not grow more than two inches long. However, once planted on the head, the hair follicle also gets its nutrients from the scalp and grows well. In Hair transplant surgery, the techniques now being used leave no incision scars and marks from stitches. In the strip method, a strip of hair is removed from the donor site and then the wound is stapled using stainless steel surgical staples. This leaves a mark and in case the donor site is on the head; the scar is concealed by hair that grows over it.

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