Hair transplant donor area regrowth

Hair Transplant Donor Area Regrowth after hair transplantation in Pakistan Lahore-Donor area is that part of scalp from where the hair follicle units are removed and transplanted into recipient area of the scalp. It should be healthy and having dense hair. Surgeon extracts hair follicles from this area by using strip or by removing them individually. Some concerns regarding donor area are shown by patients. One is that after transplantation, there will be some scars or one wide scar present in donor area for a few days. They will be healed with the passage of time. Another is that hair in donor area will re grow or not. To find out the answer, we should go through some facts. We all know that hair re grow back if we plucked it from its roots. Some doctors claim that hair re grow in donor area once the scars are healed. It usually takes four to five month for hair to grow back in the site. By using latest transplant methods, you will have less scaring as compared to traditional methods. So there are greater chances that hair will re grow in a less time span. You can ask about time span of follicle re growth from your surgeon. You can also inquire it from some transplantation patients about the time period in which they got their hair back on donor site.  Some websites also contains before and after pictures of patients having donor re growth. Many research shows that patient regenerated hairs in up to eighty percent of donor area.

Some claim that hair harvested from donor area never grow back again after the hair transplant. They gave the reason that during surgery hair follicles along with derma papilla cells are totally removed from the scalp which promotes hair growth. There are high chances that these hairs will never re grow. It is believed that you cannot retain hair re growth in both methods of transplant. In follicular unit extraction surgery, hair follicles are removed one by one from the donor site. When surgeon removed required amount of follicles, tiny white scars remain on head. But there are rare chances that hair will grow again because follicles were completely taken out from the scalp. In Follicular unit transplantation, follicle units are removed in a large quantity with help of a strip. Donor area is stitched or stapled to heal the scar as soon as possible. Hair follicles are totally extracted so hair growth is impossible.

This is a common false belief that hair won’t grow in all donor area. Hair will re grow in those parts of donor area from where follicle units are not removed. They will resume their growth like other hair on scalp. They will grow even on the scar. Once hair follicle is gone, no hair can be produced in its place. This is the reason surgeons took hair from dense area of scalp because taking thousand or two thousand hair follicles from there have no apparent effects on over all density of remaining hair.

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    Sir, We are sure you have hair transplant in Australia from some best hair transplant and restoration surgeon. He must have performed Tricophytic Closure and you will not have any scar on the donor area. However due to any reason you have donor area scar, it is correctable.

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